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10% Discount for weddings booked in 2018 for a Friday or Sunday. Prosperity Mansion- enjoy this hist

Your wedding will be just as beautiful on a Friday or Sunday ! The same sun will shine. The same flowers will be blooming. It will all be just as lovely and enchanting. Are you looking for a deal? If so really think about your wedding ceremony and reception being on one of those days. You can save quite a bit of money ! Your out of town guests will have the perfect excuse to make it a three day weekend. We will provide an itinerary of things to do in the area. If you haven't had the opportunity to come to Frederick Maryland you are really missing out. Its become the bedroom community for Washington, D.C. Frederick has tons of antique shops, bistros and unique boutiques. Most weeks there are

Bathroom Trailer- Prosperity Mansion located in Frederick / Carroll County Maryland just purchased o

It will be delivered this weekend. We will begin to renovate it and hopefully it will be done by mid summer. We still have our current rest room facilities to use in the meantime. This is such an expense item that we are so happy to be able to include it as part of our outdoor wedding venue rental. We are always looking for ways to add value to our historical mansion rental. The trailers are so sought after that we really wanted to do what we could as soon as we could to have that feature. If you are already booked here ask if it will be available for your special day. We are also finishing the Mans Cave, weeding and planting new lovely flowers for your garden wedding and reception. So life

Looking for a deal? Prosperity Mansion located in Frederick / Carroll County Maryland is a historica

Looking for a deal? Lets say that you want a dreamy wedding venue. Located in the countryside. Your wedding and reception would be at a mansion with rolling hills, meadows, gardens and fountains. All under a brand new white tent with skylights. Does that sound like your day? Did I mention that this mansion is the perfect blend of rustic and elegant charm? So then you contact the historical mansion and ask about prices. Some of you may say wow what a bargain ! Then there will be others that slump in their chair and sigh. The balloon had been deflated and you cannot afford the venue that they dreamed of. So be flexible. Everyone knows that Saturdays are coveted. They cost the most. So lets con

The "Man Cave" at Prosperity Mansion. An outdoor , garden wedding reception venue at a man

Yes we are working on the "Man Cave" area. It will have a great outdoor patio for lounging, foosball, darts and more. A covered brink and stone area for shade, eating and maybe TV. Yes we are catering to men too. We want the guys to be happy and have a place to hang out and semi party until its time walk down the isle. Wedding receptions have been adding the Man Cave because its been something that guys are asking for. I just booked a wedding today and the groom said that he would not book a place that didn't have an area for the guys. I am told that we will be finished in the next two weeks. I certainly hope so. Our outdoor wedding venue needs all of the bells and whistles to make us one of

How do I avoid inviting a troublesome guest ? Prosperity Mansion, an outdoor / garden wedding and ev

One of my brides called a few days ago and she was in tears. She was working on her guest list. Apparently there was a family member that was a real problem. She was terrified of inviting him to her wedding reception. Unfortunately, she was even more terrified of NOT inviting him to her garden wedding. She said that her family was already fighting over the issue. He has a long history of getting drunk at family functions. He makes a scene and is very unpleasant to be around. But he is a close family member and they simply don't know what to do about him. Obviously, she doesn't want him to spoil her garden wedding ceremony and reception. I talked to some friends that have wedding venues and a

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Prosperity Mansion & Farm

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