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How many people should you bring on your wedding venue tour? Prosperity Mansion - Located in Frederi

If you didn't know it I am about to tell you that when planning a wedding the first and most important thing to do is book a wedding venue ! You cannot effectively do anything else without having the wedding venue. You cannot get any other vendors on board until you have a firm date under contract. Decide if you want the ceremony at the same location as the wedding reception. Some reception spaces don't allow or have room for a wedding ceremony. Do you want it indoors or out? Once you have an idea and a date start looking as soon as possible. So you have a handful of possible places to have your wedding. Call and schedule a tour. But my most humble advise is not to bring many people at all.

How important family support is to your wedding and reception success? Prosperity Mansion - Frederi

Prosperity Mansion- Located in Frederick / Carroll Co Maryland is a new wedding and reception venue. We just had two wedding this past weekend. I cannot tell you how hard that was but we survived. The people had a wonderful time and were all lovely and so very nice. Did I mention what beautiful couples they were. The parents and friends really helped to make the wedding and reception great. I can honestly tell you that family support ( or not) can directly6 impact the wedding. There are so many little details. Even the best laid plans will have a bump in the road. So I really believe that its the attitude of the friends and family that can make a big impact. If your group runs around like c

The Heat and Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland Prosperity Mansion

The Heat and Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland Prosperity Mansion We all know that July and August are the two hottest months of the year. Of course as with life there are exceptions to the rule. Prosperity Mansion is located in Fredrick / Carroll County Maryland. So we are nestled in the country surrounded by trees and farmland. Its always cooler in the countryside. That's why the rich and famous people always had summer homes. They could get away from the heat by going to the countryside. Make sure that the wedding venue you choose for your outdoor / garden wedding has trees and shaded areas. Also think about your comfort level. Are you someone that loves being outdoors and doesn't mind t

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