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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
 Outdoor/ Garden Weddings
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  • Debbie Donohue

Visit our ad in Fiancée Magazine fianceebaltimore@n2pub............................Prosperity Mansio

Fiancée Magazine is a new publication serving brides and grooms throughout Maryland. This is its second publication.

Here is an excerpt from the magazine about wedding planners:

WEDDING PLANNER $$$ PROS: They’re with you from Day One, so they can really get a sense of your style and budget, and save you so much time… and stress! Not only is wedding planning a passion for them, but it’s something they’re really good at, and should have a portfolio and testimonials to prove it. Planners often double as confidants and even therapists during the stressful planning stages. It’s great to know there’s someone to turn to who’s been through this with brides many times. CONS: A good wedding planner can be p-r-ic- e-y. And splurging to hire one may mean not affording every other bell and whistle you want. Planners may shoot down your dreams if what you have in mind is truly unreasonable. Honestly, this also belongs under Pros since managing expectations is a great thing, but not all of us take constructive criticism well. With so many venues offering packaged deals (including's

services like catering, floral, music, etc.), you may find having a wedding planner is less necessary than you think. ALTERNATIVE: $$ If you can manage to do your own research and make decisions on vendors, the Day-Of Coordinator can step in when you need it most – on your wedding day – to make sure things run smoothly. Because they’re only needed for a short time, the cost for their services can come in well below that of a Wedding Planner.

Prosperity Mansion

11309 Rocky Ridge Rd

Detour , MD (also known as Keymar)




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