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Affordable Weddings in Frederick, Maryland

Updated: Mar 21

You may have been searching for a wedding venue in Frederick Maryland and got sticker shock. Yes, $10.000 is the going rate for most wedding venues without food, drinks etc.

If you are seeking a whimsical, unique wedding venue in Frederick County Maryland, look no further. Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an affordable, outdoor wedding venue, located in Frederick Maryland, has three levels of weddings to suit your budget, and none are even close to $10,000!

While many local wedding venues will offer only one price to its clients, Prosperity Mansion & Farm is truly dedicated to providing affordable weddings to all couples. This is why we offer three distinct and comprehensive wedding packages at different cost levels to our couples. You will have more opportunities to choose which package best meets your needs and fits your budget. The three levels of weddings at Prosperity Mansion & Farm are:

  1. Courthouse Weddings / Intimate Weddings / Elopement Weddings / Vow Renewals- 1 to 2 hours and from 2 to 30 guests

  2. Micro / Small Weddings- 5 hours and up to 50 guests

  3. Full day, DREAM Weddings and ranging from 20 to 200 guests.

Many engaged couples dream of having the perfect wedding - the perfect location, the perfect setup, and the perfect atmosphere. They want the perfect day that will mark the beginning of their journey together. Brides want the perfect dress; grooms want the perfect food and drinks for their guests to have the best time.

These dreams all begin with the perfect venue; a venue that can accommodate all your needs and bring your wedding vision to life. And you deserve to have your perfect wedding. Especially for our brides, who many have been dreaming about this day since they were young girls. But couples may worry that finding this dream venue is out of reach due to budget concerns and restrictions. It is said that about one-third of a couple’s wedding budget will need to go to the wedding venue. It may seem hard to believe that finding a perfect wedding venue that is also reasonably priced is even possible, especially during these challenging economic times. Couples may worry that they will have to sacrifice style and taste in order to meet their budget requirements.

Prosperity Mansion & Farms is an affordable wedding venue located in Frederick, Maryland. This is truly the wedding venue where dreams come true. We do not want you to have to sacrifice your vision. We want to work with you to create your perfect day. We can bring elegance and grace to your wedding day without you having to worry about spending a fortune.

Contact us for pricing and additional information: Website- Email - Call to chat- 443-350-8100

Our Dream Wedding Package at Prosperity Mansion

For couples wishing to host a large group of loved ones, friends, and family with an all-day celebration, our Dream Wedding package is just for you. At this Frederick Maryland wedding venue, you will be given access to our beautiful grounds. Just as with many comparable wedding venues, we provide gorgeous outdoor ceremony space, a large outdoor reception tent, and private accommodations for our brides, grooms, and their wedding parties. But at Prosperity Mansion & Farm, we provide these amenities, services, and more at a much more reasonable rate than others. You may even save up to as much as 60% of your budget by choosing us over other venues.

What is the reason for such a price difference? For starters, many other wedding venues lock their prices in by making couples use their all-inclusive package. This means the venue provides everything for the couple. While this may initially sound appealing, consider how your own unique concept and design for your wedding may be limited by such a deal. Will your wedding be a reflection of your style and personality, or will it be the reflection of the venue? What if there is an item built into the all-inclusive package that will not be of use to you as a couple? Is the venue being transparent with their pricing?

At Prosperity Mansion & Farm, we are able to provide a more cost-effective package precisely because we let our couples bring their own unique ideas to the table. By selecting the catering, bartending, and entertainment of your choice, you are able to have more control over your wedding plan and budget. We are also able to provide you with a list of recommended vendors we know and trust to help make your wedding dreams come true.

Do you wish to have a theme to your wedding? No problem here at Prosperity Mansion & Farms wedding venue.

Perhaps one that celebrates your heritage or nationality? Or perhaps one that reflects the season or an upcoming holiday? You are free to add your own personal touch at our outdoor / garden wedding venue. This can be achieved by providing your own decorations that allow your wedding to be more meaningful to you as a couple. With numerous DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects available in bridal magazines and wedding websites, you can find inspiration to make your wedding day truly unique.

If you’d rather save money on decorations, you are free to use our complimentary adornments, from our extravagant chandeliers to our custom-built wedding arbor. We are considered elegant with rustic charm. If you are looking for elegance, use our whimsical gardens for your cocktail area. If you are looking for fun, use our charming game area complete with giant lawn chess and checkers tables to bring out the more playful side of your guests. If you want a more rustic ambience, your guests will be charmed by the sheep that will overlook the ceremony site. We also have tree stumps that define the aisle that can create your vision. And let's not forget the fire pit and smores area! There truly is so much we offer that will highlight who you are as a couple. This day should be about You!

Another reason for such a price discrepancy is that many other wedding venues will only hold weddings on the weekend, which explains the more expensive prices. Couples who wish to marry during the week can save even more at Prosperity Mansion & Farm! Getting married on a weekday is not only more cost effective, but it can present couples more flexibility when choosing the perfect day to get married. If you are a couple who wants to get married soon after your engagement, a weekday wedding can be a great option for you as many weekends may already be booked far in advance. If you are concerned about guests hesitant to come to a wedding during the week, consider the benefits to them as well. Traveling and booking hotel rooms during the week is much more affordable than on the weekend. Or have your wedding on a Monday, which will still allow for weekend celebrations before your big day!

Our Micro Wedding Package

Of course, there are couples who wish to host a wedding celebration with a smaller and more exclusive guest list. If you are one of these couples, then our Micro Wedding package may be just for you. For an even more affordable price, couples can have a block of about five hours to use as you please. There are many other benefits to having a smaller wedding besides saving money. You will be able to have more one-on-one time with your guests. With the money you save on our venue, you can splurge on an item you want to make your wedding day stand out. Maybe you want to set up a beer garden, or a wine tasting station. With this wedding package, you still get access to our gorgeous ceremony and reception areas. At Prosperity Mansion & Farm, a couple who wishes to save money on a simple wedding does not mean they have to sacrifice on the elegance of a larger one.

Our Courthouse / Intimate / Elopement / Vow Renewal Wedding Package

For couples looking for a more intimate wedding, one reserved just for them and a very few special guests, then you may want to consider our Courthouse/Intimate/Elopement Wedding package. This package is extremely cost effective by allowing couples the opportunity to hold their ceremony here at Prosperity Mansion & Farms, and then treating their guests to a champagne toast and cake. Holding your ceremony here, in a more serene, warm setting will offer a more personal and private feel than a public courthouse. This is because you can use your own officiant, or we can provide one for you. Our officiant will get to know you as a couple and work with you to help tailor your wedding vows to make them feel more intimate and special. Afterwards, you can capture the beauty of your special day by having your wedding pictures taken here, surrounded by our majestic scenery of trees and green fields. Many couples choose this affordable option because it allows them access to our gorgeous landscape, but also frees up their budget to hold the celebration and reception at a different location should they wish.

The question is what do you deserve?

We know that planning weddings within a budget can be challenging. We also know that it can be difficult for couples to provide the entire payment to the venue at one time. This is why we work with couples who may need more payment options. We can assist you in creating a payment plan that fits your needs and is interest free. We truly want you to have the wedding of your dreams so please do not hesitate to let us know any financial concerns you may have.

A beautiful and magical wedding that reflects your love and personality as a couple is not just affordable at Prosperity Mansion & Farm, but it is also our mission. We are proud to serve multiple areas including Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Westminster, and Gettysburg. We want to make your dreams come true. Visit us at or call us at 443-350-8100. Please consider us for your special day!



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