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What Brides Regret

A bride sitting outside. She is clearly upset.
The last thing you want for your wedding is to regret anything about it.

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an outdoor, Maryland wedding venue located in Frederick County Maryland and near Westminster.

What regrets do brides have looking back on their wedding day? We recently came across a blog post by Jenn Sinrich on the Martha Stewart Weddings website about things that brides regret about their own wedding day. Her post talked about how brides regretted having a sit-down dinner, not eating at their own wedding, not spending enough time on the dance floor, drinking more than they should, and asking too many people to speak during the toasts at the reception. These are all things we think you should keep in mind, but we’ve spoken to brides who have gotten married at Prosperity Mansion & Farm, our Maryland wedding venue. We asked what regrets they have about their weddings, all in the hopes that we can help you avoid these things on your own big day.

Under Estimating How Long It Will Take Them to Plan

It takes a lot longer than you’d expect to plan a wedding. Can you pull a wedding together quickly ?? Certainly, especially if you have help. But some brides like to take their time and enjoy the process. At Prosperity Mansion & Farm we have had couples book a wedding at this Maryland venue and get married in weeks. When we have “Intimate Weddings” most couples pull that off in weeks or a month or two.

If you’re not sure when to get everything sorted, there are plenty of wedding planning timelines to find and follow online. Here’s a planning timeline by The Knot to use as a great starting point!

You always need to begin by booking the wedding venue. You cannot hire any vendors, have invitations printed etc unless you know:

  1. Where you are getting married

  2. The date of the wedding

  3. How many guests are allowed

  4. Is it an indoor wedding, garden / outdoor venue, beach etc.?

Waiting Too Long to Pick Vendors

If your rush your planning process, securing your vendors will easily be the most stressful part of getting everything together so soon. Vendors such as caterers, DJs and photographers like to secure their bookings in advance, so waiting until the last minute to hire your vendors is not the best idea. You’ll likely have fewer options of vendors you can choose from based upon their availability for your wedding day, and there’s a chance your first, second, and maybe even third choices will be booked for that day. If that is the case, you’ll end up settling for a vendor because they’re available for that day, which isn’t ideal for anybody.

Not Being Organized When Planning

It’s one thing to have a timeline and follow it, but having a timeline doesn’t always mean you have everything organized and well thought out. If you’re not dotting your Is and crossing your Ts with each step, it’s easy to overlook major and minor details in your planning. In our case, we’ve seen weddings take three times longer to set up than initially planned because the couple wasn’t fully aware of what had to be set up and didn’t have enough people to cover everything.

At Prosperity Mansion & Farm we sit down with our couples and give them helpful advice on how to get organized. Just remember, it’s better to be prepared.

Focusing on Every Single Detail

On the other hand, being incredibly hyper-fixated on every detail of your wedding can also stress you out. At our wedding venue in Frederick, we’ve seen brides who were so stressed out about their wedding day that they started crying when something small happened, such as their hairdresser needing to go get more bobby pins. When your stress compounds with the anxiety of needing every little thing to be perfect, your emotions are higher and you’re more likely to freak out.

While it can be difficult to do, the most important thing is to find the balance between organization and hyper-fixation. You should know what is happening with your wedding, but you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure every single detail is perfect.

Our advice is simple, focus on whatever you want until the big day. Once your at the wedding venue let it go. Its to late now to fret over the small stuff so let go and enjoy.

Not Having the Best Support System

The best thing you can have to calm you down on your wedding day is a support system by your side as you prepare to walk down the aisle. This can be your bridal party, your family, and even a wedding planner or day-of coordinator that is there to advocate for you and make sure everything is going smoothly. If you have even a speck of worry or doubt that they won’t be one hundred percent supportive of you and your decisions, they may not be the best choice for your wedding party or the crew you have by your side as you prepare for your big day.

Unhelpful or unsupportive people can cause drama among your wedding party leading up to or even on the wedding day. The least beneficial thing for you is to have issues between the people who should be by your side as you plan your wedding.

Relying On Yourself Too Much

Many couples try to save money by taking a DIY approach to their wedding, but it often ends up being more trouble than it’s worth. The week before your wedding should be the time you take to pamper yourself with a salon and spa trip, making sure your wedding attire is steamed and ready to wear, and building up the excitement for your big day! The last thing you should be doing is scrambling to get your bouquet finished or baking cupcakes for the reception etc.. There are some times where you’re better off leaving things to the professionals, and a wedding is one of those times.

The last thing anybody wants to do is regret anything about their wedding day. We hope that this advice from past brides and our experience at Prosperity Mansion & Farm helps you have a wedding you never regret!

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