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An Ice Cream Bar at a wedding and events venue located in Frederick / Carroll Co Maryland

Beat the heat and do something different at your wedding reception. Have an ice cream sundae wedding reception at Prosperity Mansion.

Last week our bride and groom had an ice cream sundae bar instead of a big cake or other desserts. It was really fun. They brought in a freezer and set it up right next to the antique dessert table. They had 120 ice cream sundae dishes and all of the typical toppings. The groom said that he loved ice cream but really didn't like cakes and other desserts. It was a great and unique idea to add some fun to the wedding reception. They did have a small cake. They wanted to have something to cut. So as you see in the photo that was in the center. Prosperity Mansion allows and encourages our couples to be creative with their wedding ceremony and reception. It was another great wedding at our new venue located in Frederick / Carroll Co Maryland.

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