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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
 Outdoor/ Garden Weddings
Affordable Weddings

Baltimore Weddings-Save at Prosperity

There are many good reasons to get married in Baltimore. It can be close to home, there are many elegant hotels and places of interest to host your big day. The list goes on.  Baltimore is definitely a great place to consider, and you can't go wrong.

However, I am sure that if you reside in Baltimore that you likely began your search in your own area. Weren't you surprised at the prices just to rent a venue?  We are, most times, 40 to 60% less expensive than wedding venues of our status in the Baltimore area, yet we are less than an hour away.

We cater to the practical couple. We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new wedding packages that appeal to the practical couple who want it all without compromising on quality or blowing their budget. Say 'I Do' to our unbeatable deals. 

Welcome to Prosperity Mansion & Farm.

Why consider us? Because love doesn't have to cost a fortune! Here are just a few reasons to consider:

1) PRICE, PRICE, PRICE- isn't driving a little further worth saving thousands?

2) Weddings here start at 8 hours and can be up to 12 hours. Don't rush through one of life's most important events. 

2) You may bring your own food or select from our preferred list of caterers.

3) You may BYOB or have our local liquor stores deliver anything that you want on your wedding day. The return after last call and whatever you didn't open, they will take back and CREDIT you. 

4) FREE parking, literally right at the venue site.

5) Outdoor gardens, trees, birds chirping, scenic views and the tranquility that only a countryside venue can offer.

You owe it to yourself to visit. So, contact us to schedule a tour. A deposit can secure your wedding date.

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