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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
 Outdoor/ Garden Weddings
Affordable Weddings


We understand that finding the right venue can be overwhelming, so we've provided quick answers to some common questions to help make your decision easier.

Q: Suppose I want my wedding to look and feel more rustic?

A: We are considered elegant with rustic charm. You may add whatever features that bring your vision to life. We also have barn doors for photo opportunities and or for your ceremony, tree stumps that define the isle, and other great rustic feature to add ambience for your special day. 

Q: We were thinking about a backyard wedding or at someone's home that has a lot of land, what would be the benefit of choosing your venue?

A: Most people have never tried to organize this type of wedding. Therefore, they don't realize the cost and work that goes into it. For example, renting a tent like ours typically costs around $2,500 per day. Will you have a patio to place the tent in case of inclement weather? Then the tables and chairs for the reception, chairs for the ceremony, restroom trailer, handicapped restroom, decorations, games and the last goes on. When you show up here everything plus, awaits you. We ARE a wedding venue. That is all we do. We have the most amazing areas for photographs that allow you to reminisce about your special day.

Q: I saw that Prosperity Mansion & Farm is located in Frederick County in a town called Keymar, where exactly is that?

A: Yes, we are located in Frederick County Maryland in a quaint town called Keymar. It is 30 minutes from both downtown Frederick and Westminster MD. We are also 10 minutes to Thurmont and Taneytown MD. This is the perfect setting for a countryside wedding.

We are also:​

  • 30 minutes from Washington Co Maryland

  • 1 hour from Baltimore, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County and Howard County, Maryland

  • 15 minutes from Gettysburg PA,

  • 30 minutes from Littlestown, and Hanover, PA.  

  • 1.25 hours from Washington, D.C.,

Q: Are the restrooms included or do I need to rent them on top of the venue fee?

A: We are pleased to tell you that the restroom trailer and handicapped unit are all included in the already discounted pricing. They are heated and air conditioned. We also maintain them through your event. We empty the trash, restock toilet paper and soap as well as keep it clean. The cost to rent a restroom trailer is typically in the thousands. 

Q: Am I REQUIRED to hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator? 

A: Although we think they are very helpful (if you hire the right person). We do not make you spend that extra fee. Coordinators typically run between $1,000 and $3,000 per day!

Q: May we bring our own caterer, or do we have to pick from a list that you have predetermined? 

A: We have a highly recommended "preferred list". But we will allow your own people / choices to come here. 

Q: Do I need an appointment to tour this venue? 

A: Yes, tours are by appointment only. Typically, in the off season we schedule tours on Saturdays or Sunday late afternoon. During wedding season we work around the weddings that are booked for that weekend. 

Q: How close are hotels?

A: The closest major hotel is only 15 minutes away. That is the Holiday Inn Express in Gettysburg PA. If you rent 20 rooms the wedding couple will get a room FREE. There are many other major, well-known hotels in downtown Frederick Maryland. You may also check into some sir B&B's that are 10 minutes from our lovely venue. 

Q: Do you accept deposits?

A: Absolutely! If a couple falls in love with our venue, we will work with them to make it possible to have their wedding at Prosperity Mansion & Farm. You may place a deposit to secure your date. We will happily give you a zero % interest FREE payment plan

Q: May we bring our own vendors? 

A: Of course, our goal is to be as easy as possible to work with. We do have a "Preferred Vendors List" and highly recommend those qualified, licensed and insured businesses, we are open to other vendors as well. 

Q: May we bring our own liquor?

A: Absolutely! We are happy to tell you that for your connivence we also have two liquor stores that will deliver anything that you want the morning of your wedding, in coolers, iced up and ready to go. They will return at the end of the day and take back anything that hasn't been opened and credit you back. 

Q: Do we get the bridal cottage for the whole day?

A: Yes, some venue's only let you have an hour or so to put on your dress. After that they lock the cottage, and you, your moms as wells as the bridal party must use the public restrooms.

Q: Is the tent included in the price?

A: Yes, to rent a tent such as ours typically will cost you about $2,500 per day. Its included here.  

Q: Are the tables and chairs for the reception included and set up for us?

A: Yes, they too are included in our special prices. We will have them set up with 8 chairs around each table. You are then free to just come in and start decorating.

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