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  • Debbie Donohue

An Outdoor / Garden Venue needs lights to set the mood

An Outdoor / Garden Venue needs light to set the mood. That's just part of the charm and whimsy here in Frederick / Carroll Co Maryland


Prosperity Mansion knows just how important it is to create the perfect feel for your wedding reception. Ambiance makes all the difference. So we gently string beautiful Edison Lights across the ceiling and twinkle lights all around the tent. Nothing says warm and classic like a vintage Edison style light bulb! Reminiscent of early 20th Century lighting they offer ambient illumination with a sophisticated twist. This Victorian style bulb is truly classic! Don't we all look our very best with mood lighting?

Lighting and color schemes play an important role in creating a room’s atmosphere and mood. Lighting also affects the colors used on walls, furnishings and accents, making it one of the most important design elements of any space. So you may want to consider some color depending on your overall color scheme. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

A tabletop candelabra is perfect for the wedding reception. But if you want to set an intimate mood try dozens of votives spread throughout the room or table. Maybe consider soy based clean burning candles that are renewable energy sources and have breathtaking aromatic senses. Strategically place aroma scented candles around the inside of the tent for your wedding guests to enjoy. See.........We get it. Small things can have a BIG impact. We also have antique bird cages placed in some of the trees. We love to fill them with candles too.

Lighted Flowers- They are revolutionizing the concept and style of interior lighting with the most diverse collection of illuminated floral design products. Whether it’s pussy willows, mini roses, Chinese lanterns, orchids, or lilies you can see your favorite flower illuminated. These look great as bunches in a vase or can be strewn together to create a field of flowers. They too can be placed in perfect spots to add to the mood.

Accent Lamps Small, tiny table lamps made of glass or resin typically carry low-wattage light bulbs and can be the perfect amount of low level light for relaxing. Multiple amounts of small light levels placed throughout can create an enchanting and magical atmosphere. The style, color and look of the lamp can certainly add to the theme of your garden / outdoor wedding reception.

We at Prosperity Mansion have added thousands of twinkle lights. They have been woven throughout the trees that stand behind the tent. We like to have that special moment when we flip the switch and all the tress light up too.

Envision the bride and groom dancing in the gardens with the glow of the lights and the soft grass beneath their feet. That will be a dream that all of your guests will be sure to remember. Not to mention the beautiful pictures that it will make.

This is your day ! Make it special so that you remember it all of your life. We will help you make that happen. We certainly welcome you adding your own unique touches to our already lovely venue. You can only make it more enchanting !

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