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  • Debbie Donohue

WINTER TOURS- Outdoor wedding and reception venue. Westminster / Frederick Maryland

Yes its ONLY February. No flowers, no leaves on trees, no warm sun on our faces. But bridal couples are still out touring for that perfect outdoor, garden wedding venue. We have been getting calls all year long.

An outdoor reception area couldn't possibly look worse then in the middle of winter. I feel such apprehension to show my reception venue now. The tent isn't even up. Only the frame stands defiantly in the main meadow. The cold steel shows where the event will be come Spring. But it looms alone and lonely. It almost makes me want to cry. Then I see the foot prints from the deer that live on my property and I smile. They don't mind the cold I say in my head.

I have lots of pictures and I humbly ask the bridal couples and their families to please use their imagination. They nod affirmatively and assure me they can and will do so. Indoor venues certainly have an advantage at this cold desolate time of year.

But when I get a bride that assures me she can see the beauty that sleeps on this 19+ acre historical estate I am hopeful and schedule the tour. I put on my warm winter coat, boots and gloves and off we go. I look pleasantly as I point to where, come Spring, flowers will be peeking up and happy to feel the warm sun too.

As we stand there shivering I reflect on last year when it was lovely, before winter stepped in. Then I remember that I really love Maryland. I adore ALL of the seasons. I am really joyous when the first snow falls. I stick out my tongue to taste the snow as it falls all around me. Then I remember to count my blessing including winter and all that it brings both good and some of the challenges too.

So come see Prosperity Mansion anytime of the year. You are always welcome here ! Just remember to bring along your imagination and warm cloths.

Westminster is 25 minutes , Carroll Co is 1 minute, we are in Frederick Co, Baltimore is 45-60 minutes depending on where you live and the traffic. And Washington Dc is about 1.25 minutes. !


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