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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
 Outdoor/ Garden Weddings
Affordable Weddings

  • Ben Daniels

Outdoor wedding venue Frederick / Westminster Maryland Prosperity Mansion...... A poem for the bri

Be Proud of

All You've Achieved

Special moments in life

need to e recognized

and acknowledged.

Your success

is truly a special time in your life

and in the lives of all those

who care about your happiness.

Your achievement symbolizes

a time of completion

and a time for new thoughts

towards the future.

It is a time to stop and realize

what it means to work hard

for something

and to reach the goals

that you have set and believed in.

As an individual, you can stand up and feel proud

of the independence and maturity

that have come from the dedication

and determination in your life.

You've earned your success,

and you should feel

so very confident within yourself

for all that you have achieved.

Prosperity Mansion

11309 Rocky Ridge Rd

Detour MD 21757


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