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  • Debbie Donohue

Wedding Venue Frederick / Westminster Maryland. Advantages of selecting a venue where you can bring

Selecting a wedding and events venue in Frederick or Carroll Co Maryland is very similar to picking one anywhere else. Some times a small town such as ours can provide better pricing then in most big cities. People always say that small town folks are nicer and more helpful. I do believe that all of that is usually true.

The question is are there any advantages of selecting a wedding and event venue that allows you to pick your own caterer? Well I think yes 100%. I like the fact that I can pick anyone that I want. I can have whatever type of menu that suits me. I like competition and being able to compare prices. And we all know how much bar bills are padded for profit. So when you may BYOB wow what a savings.

I always tell couples to narrow down the caterers to two or three and go do a tasting. Sample the dishes that you think you think you will want at the cocktail and reception of your wedding and see what caterer you like best.

For me personally, I like having a chose. Isn't that what America is all about?

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