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Gift Giving- From a wedding venue located in Frederick / Westminster Maryland. Prosperity Mansion

Wedding Gifts

The Do's and Don't of Wedding Gift Giving

What do you hate most about “getting” a gift? For most people you won't have to think real hard. Don't you just hate getting a gift that you know was a re-gift? There was no tag, no return slip and it certainly wasn't on your registry. Its nothing that you ever discussed with the gift giver about wanting and you absolutely hate it. It blows your mind to wonder why in the world would that person ever think that you would want this gift. So here are some simple rules for wedding gift giving:

  1. Never re-gift. Come on , its the couples wedding day. Spring for a real gift.

  2. Go onto their registry and select something that they actually want. You can even have it sent directly to their home. That way you don't have to carry a present into the wedding reception. It will all be done for you.

  3. If you don't select a gift from their registry then at least make sure that you have a return slip or leave the label on so they know where it came from.

  4. If all of that is to much give then cash or a gift card. Remember that they are likely leaving in the next day or so for the honeymoon. Therefore cash would be most welcome and come in handy. No one will ever dislike getting money.

  5. If money is really tight then give them you. You can have a nice card and write a note telling them that your gift is a day of your services. Tell them what you are good at and give several dates that you will come for a day or half of a day. I personally really appreciate someone's


  1. You may also offer as your gift to show up early for the weeding and help set up and stay after to clean up and carry things out. Both of these are free for you if times are tough. And anyone would really appreciate the effort and help.

Just don't re gift unless its an heirloom or something incredible :). Don't be the butt of jokes for years to come about how cheap you were and how awful the gift was. Wedding gifts give the couple happiness. It's so much fun to sit down and open all of the loot and be joyous over that great pot or pan that you always wanted. It can warm your heart when someone gives you an unexpectedly nice gift. So just think about which person you want to be at the end of the wedding day.

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