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  • Debbie Donohue

Thirty (30) days before the wedding- From Prosperity Mansion-an Outdoor / Garden Wedding and Events

Thirty (30) days before the wedding

From Prosperity Mansion-an Outdoor / Garden Wedding and Events Venue located in Frederick / Carroll Co Maryland.

Wow, its almost here! Now its time to make all of the last minute arrangements for your wedding. Lots of details need attention leading up to the ceremony and reception. There are so many things to do. So we wanted to give you at least a partial list of what's important.

SEND AN EMAIL- to ALL of your vendors. Ask them to acknowledge that they are ready for your wedding. Include: the date and time that they are supposed to be at the venue. Also have them confirm anything “special” that you wanted. Make sure that all of your vendors send a certificate of liability insurance to the venue. Many venues will not allow unlicensed or uninsured vendors on their property.

VENDORS – Make sure that your venue has a list of who will be coming to the property, what time they will be coming and what their responsibilities will be. The venue will then typically reach out to those people to make sure they know what is required of them. The venue will also normally be in the areas that your vendors will be setting up and at the time they have agreed to arrive. That way they can help them in any way possible so that their portion of your wedding goes off without a hitch.

CALL YOUR VENUE AND SET UP A WALK THROUGH – It is important to do a walk through because it may have been awhile since you have seen your venue. You want to refresh your memory about what it looks like and any decorations that you may be allowed to use. You may also want to take your vendors with you so that they too can see what they have to work with and what they may need to bring.

INSURANCE - Most venues require that you have a certificate of insurance for the day of. That can be obtained through your or your parents home owners insurance. It is typically free or a very minimal charge. Make sure that the name of the venue is on the certificate of insurance.

TIME LINE – Make sure that you give the wedding venue and the day of coordinator a time line of your wedding day. This should include but not limited to what time you will arrive, hair and make up, bridesmaids what time the ceremony will start, what time the vendors are due to come, what time the bar will stop, what time music will stop and what time cleanup will be concluded.

HAIR & MAKEUP- are you getting this done at the venue or are you going to a salon? Hopefully, you have this scheduled but double check the appointment.

GET A FACIAL – ask for this as a bridal shower gift. Make sure that its at least one full week before the event. The reason why is that you want to allow for any reactions to your skin. Also if they do any extractions allow at least one full week for healing time.

GET A MASSAGE- ask for this as a bridal shower gift too. You deserve to be pampered and there's no better time then now.

MANICURE AND PEDICURE- ask for this as a bridal shower gift. I am suggesting that you ask for these luxury items as gifts so that you don't have to incur extra expenses right before the wedding.

MAKE A PACKING LIST FOR THE DAY OF THE WEDDING AND THE HONEYMOON IF YOU ARE LEAVING RIGHT AWAY- What will you need to take to the venue with you?? Have your Mom and bridesmaids double check the list. The worst thing in the world is to forget something that you needed or wanted. Also remember: something new, something borrowed and something blue.

HAVE THE BRIDESMAIDS MAKE THIR OWN CHECKLIST- What will they need for that day?

FOOD & DRINKS FOR THE DAY OF- On the day of your wedding who is supplying food and drinks while you are getting ready. Can you take it to the venue or wherever you are getting ready the day before? That will be one less thing you will have to worry about the day of if you can drop it off the day before.

SPRAY TAN- If you are getting a “spray” tan don't forget to cover your feet and hands so that they aren't orange.

BACHELORETTE PARTY- Hopefully, the plans have long ago been made. But double check the reservations and go over all the details. Sometimes the person in charge doesn't do the best job of coordinating everything.

THE REHEARSAL- Make sure that where ever you are having the rehearsal it is ready for you. Verify the time and details. Who is supposed to be coming. Where are you meeting?

THE REHERSAL DINNER- Again who is in charge , who is invited. Who is taking care of the food. Do you want games ?

GOWN – Are your alterations completed. Whose is picking up your gown. Do you have all your accessories, including shoes, stockings, jewelry, correct underclothes.

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