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  • Debbie Donohue

WHAT DOES THE GROOM DO ON THE WEDDING DAY? ............……………....Tips from Prosperity Mansion. A his


Make sure that he is in Maryland and knows where to go for his wedding. Don't become a TV show and end up somewhere else. The bridal couple has selected Prosperity Mansion, a historical wedding venue for their big day. Now its here. What should the Groom know that he is responsible for on the big day ?

  1. Show up- Make sure that you have a wake up system in place and have a back up.

  2. Make someone responsible for having you ready and getting you to the wedding venue.

  3. Have a list of what you need to take

  4. Be sober

  5. Be on time

  6. Look your best- have hair cut , clean shaved, clean undies etc.

  7. Double check for the ring

  8. Double check for the license

  9. Eat breakfast- you don't want to pass out from low blood sugar

  10. Have a special note or gift for your partner that will be delivered to them before the wedding

  11. Make sure that your “best man” will keep an eye on the other guys in the wedding party so that they don't get out of hand

  12. Have fun..........its your special day too !

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