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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
 Outdoor/ Garden Weddings
Affordable Weddings

  • Debbie Donohue

Styled Photo Shoot at Prosperity Mansion Located in Frederick Maryland on the boarder of Carroll Co

Great thanks to everyone that was here.

Photographer: Landrum Photography, LLC Bachelorette: Lindsey Weller Bachelors: Jamal Ashour, Curran Johnston, Joseph Durbin, Edgar, Ryan Fejfar HMUA: Amanda Merrell Beauty Jewlery: Nik Huf Designs Calligraphy: S.M. Wish Designs Floral Backdrop: IkamCreate Design & Rental Service Florist + Rentals: Bohème's Jubilee Bakery: Flouretta Sweet Bridal Boutique: Proposal to Promise Venue: Prosperity Mansion

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