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  • Debbie Donohue

The Groom- Hold your wedding at Prosperity Mansion in their outdoor / garden wedding venue. Serving

frederick county wedding venues

The Groom Hold your wedding at Prosperity Mansion in their outdoor / garden wedding venue. Serving Frederick, Westminster and counties throughout Maryland

Has the Groom become the forgotten person in the whole wedding and event planning ? Does he have a say in what he wants? For instance, an outdoor ceremony and reception or a ball room? When I host a tour most of the time the groom is present, in flesh only. Yes, his body is here but I wonder if his mind is at my venue at all. They just kind of wander around and rarely say much at all. They have that blank stare like a deer in the headlights. That gives me very little as far as his “feelings”. I have often felt sorry for them. So I try and be engaging and ask them direct questions. I always ask them what's important to them. They seldom seem to know.

Then I realized that its simply not that important to many grooms. I have never heard anyone except my gay male friends say things like “ I have dreamed of this day since I was a kid”. But I hear that from probably 50% of the brides.

I have never had the grooms mother say “Oh yes, I have been planning my sons wedding since he was born” . But I have had many mothers of the bride say that to me. So while the girls were playing with Barbie the guys were playing guy “stuff”.

Now I feel much better. I am no longer sorry for the men. I simply have realized that its just not as important to them as the brides. And that is all OK. They can certainly speak up if they want to be heard. I am always here to listen. I truly do want everyone to have a great time at Prosperity Mansion.

So the brides should continue to plan her dream wedding and the men should simply smile. The guys are far more piratical too. They say things like “ Hey, at the end of the day I just want to be married”. All of the fanfare just doesn't seem to be that important. But the beer certainly is !

So I suggest that all brides insist that all grooms have at least one thing that they want during the big day. That can be a special beer, food, a song that had meaning or their favorite dessert. But try and have something for him during the wedding day.

You know what ? Even make it a surprise. So suddenly have something delivered to him while he is waiting for the ceremony to start. Or have a special friend attend that he doesn't know is coming. Think how great that would be. A childhood chum tat secretly arrives. Something like that can get the bride brownie points for the rest of her life. So take the time to go that extra mile for him. That can really be a gift that keeps on giving.


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