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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
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  • Debbie Donohue

Wedding season is over for 2018 at Prosperity Mansion- a wedding venue serving Frederick, Westminste

frederick county wedding venues

Prosperity Mansion would like to thank all of the brides, grooms, parents and the wonderful people at each and every wedding that we hosted during this 2018 wedding season. We went above and beyond for all of the couples that booked here. Our sincere wishes go out to all of you that you have a happy 2018 and many years to follow. “May the wind always be at your backs” and the sun on your smiling faces !

We will continue to host tours and book weddings for 2019 and 2020 throughout the winter months. We hope to see some of you here at future weddings and events. Thank you all for your compliments and well wishes. The lovely comments that we received from so many couples, parents and guests really made our journey more satisfying and we are so very grateful.

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