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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
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  • Deborah Donohue

What's new at PROSPERITY MANSION a wedding venue serving Frederick and Carroll Counties in Maryl

What's new at PROSPERITY MANSION a wedding venue serving Frederick and Carroll Counties in Maryland ?

What's new you ask ? Our church front that we created with the 250 year old doors from Egypt. Yes we stumbled across these beautifully carved doors at an antique shop in Virginia. They were very costly even though they were in horrible condition. We rented a truck since they were 12 ft. tall and weighed 300 pounds and brought them to a wood stripper. They were there for over a month as they were stripped and the rot was replaced. But we knew that it would add such ambiance to our outdoor / garden wedding venue.

Another interesting feature is the current color of the doors. When the strippers finally got down to the last coat of paint she gave me a chip of the original paint. I took it and had it duplicated so that the doors would remain the original color when they were in Egypt. So we had the doors installed in a frame in the wedding garden so that the bride could walk through and make the grand entrance that she deserved. This year we built 8 ft sides to the right and left of them and a steeple with a bell over the doors.

So now after the wedding party walks through we close the doors. Then we announce “Please stand in honor of the bride”. Then we ring the bell. Finally we open the double doors to reveal the bride! She then walks through with the grandeur that she deserves.

After the couple says “I do” and they turn to come back through the doors we are there ringing the bell. I am so excited to have my vision come true. I actually cried when I saw them finished. What an enchanting feature to add to our outdoor / garden wedding venue.

We still have some architectural items to add but they are lovely and unique. No other venue has created a church look to showcase the bride. We are also adding beautiful landscaping with white perennials and annuals all around this featured item.

Finally, we just added an antique arbor for the bride and wedding party to gather at before the procession. And we purchased 4 wrought iron gates to flank the garden areas that have a pineapple in the center. In olden days the pineapple was a sign of welcome. So if you went to visit and saw one in your room that meant that you were truly a welcomed guest. But as a FYI, if you went into your room one evening and there were two pineapples that was a sign that your stay was over and they wanted you to leave.

We welcome you to come to Prosperity Mansion and visit our wedding venue. Tours are by appointment only. We are located in the quaint small mill town of Detour Maryland. Detour is in Frederick County and one block from the border of Carroll County. Hotels are as close as 15 minutes from the historical location. Your guests are sure to enjoy the serene drive into the countryside. The peace and tranquility here is unparalleled.

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