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Prosperity Mansion & Farm- located in Frederick Maryland and bordering Carroll County Maryland:

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many industries have been hit hard and the wedding industry is no exception. The state government of Maryland has mandated that businesses operate at 50% capacity. Even as an outdoor / garden wedding venue, we too must reduce capacity through no choice of our own.

Regrettably, we must comply with these rules seeing as we want our guests to be safe and well, above all else. Our usual capacity of up to 200 guests is reduced to 100 which means that there will need to be a change in plans for some bigger weddings. Large weddings may need to reduce the number of guests that they either planned to invite or did invite. But rest assured, the state-enforced guidelines will not negatively impact our quality of service. You will still have the wonderful experience of our breathtaking grounds and exemplary service.

You will still have all of the grounds and gardens. The ceremony site is open as well as the formal gardens. The main meadow with the tent overlooks acres of farmland is all at your disposal and ready for fabulous pictures. It is all still here and even better than when you first booked!

So here is what you can do:

As of June 12, 2020, we are open to host the wedding of your dreams! We operate at 50% capacity inside the tent, which means we can host 100 guests. We are also allowed to have another 100 on the grounds outside the tent. They may remain on the lawn and a second tent can be rented to cover their seating area. This is a way that you can keep some guests that you previously believed you would have to disinvite!

-Ensure that the uninvited guests are notified sooner rather than later. In addition, try to speak with them in person as it is considered more sincere than text based communication (i.e texts or emails) as words can be easily misinterpreted.

- Be compassionate but clear when informing the guests of your decision and be sure to explain that it was a difficult decision. However, you do not need to over explain your reasons. The guest modification is made in consideration of all guests’ safety and health by the Maryland state government’s decrees. The majority of your guests will understand that their health is prioritized and will appreciate the sentiment.

- Create a fair way to reduce the guest list, for example, limiting it to family, the bridal party and special friends. Tell your guests that they may no longer be able to bring a date. Don't be afraid to tell people that this is an adult only event and no kids are allowed to attend, except for the kids that are in the wedding party. Guests that are either not invited or cut down will understand. This is an unprecedented time and the majority of people see the effects of COVID-19 in most aspects of life.

-Livestream your wedding on social media (Facebook and Instagram are very easy to use for this purpose!) and express your desire for uninvited guests to tune in. This way they can at least observe and feel as if they were a participant in your special day! Live streaming has become a very popular way to keep all of your loved ones included in your celebration. We can work with you to find a great place to set up on the property.

  • - Have a bigger party down the line. Let the uninvited people know that you really want them there to share in the celebration. Consider a vow renewal and a blow out party at home, a park, etc... You can also renew your vows and have a fun and exciting wedding celebration with all of the people that were originally invited at a scenic and special outdoor/garden wedding venue.

  • Disinvite bad guests- Wow, now you have a real excuse for not inviting people that you never wanted in the first place! You can admit it, we have all had people that we felt obligated to invite but secretly didn't want them there. Now you have an out! See, there really is a silver lining in every cloud.

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is a gorgeous and unique outdoor/ garden wedding venue! We are truly honored to host your wedding! We have moved forward with making the wedding venue even more beautiful than when you first saw us and booked your event here with us. We remain fully committed to making your big day one to fondly remember. With a combination of the gardens, meadow, farmland, the fancy tent, and the lovely cottages, you will want to have pictures of your entire experience at Prosperity Mansion & Farm.

Lastly, remember that this was and still is all about you getting married to the love of your life! This is the day that you have been looking forward to for a very long time! It is not just about how many bodies you can cram into one place or shove together for mega-group pictures. At the end of your day, you will be Mr. and Mrs., and that will be the most incredible and exciting feeling! After the ceremony, you will begin your lives together as a newly married couple. Life will always continue to present challenges. It is all about how you handle it together, the way that you accept what comes your way and the spin that you put on it.

Keeping all of these steps in mind, you now possess many ideas that will help you and your partner decide how to uninvite guests if it is necessary or desired. Remember, Prosperity Mansion & Farm is an outdoor/ garden wedding venue that cannot wait to work with you to help make your wedding the best it could possibly be!

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