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"Keeping Cool In Summer Heat"-Prosperity Mansion & Farm-serving Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Prosperity Mansion & Farm- serving Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties in Maryland: Advice from an outdoor / garden wedding venue in Maryland- Keeping Cool in Summer Heat

So, you’re getting married this summer, congratulations! The grass is green, the sky is a vivid blue, but the weather is…. scorching hot. You may not be able to change the weather at this gorgeous wedding venue in Frederick, Maryland, but this is what you can do to make sure that you and your guests are staying cool.

-AND- Great news! Prosperity Mansion & Farm provides a 10% discount for all weddings booked in July and August! This is definitely a big advantage to getting married in the sweltering heat of summer. With the money saved you can upgrade your food, drinks or anything you want!

  • Buy the right food for a hot summer wedding-

You don’t want to buy food that spoils before the guests can even arrive! That’s both a waste of food and money. This is an outdoor/ garden wedding venue so you have to plan accordingly. For example, here are the top delicious foods and drinks you should serve to stay cool-

  1. Cherries

  2. Portobello Mushrooms

  3. Cucumbers

  4. Grapefruit

  5. Ceviche

  6. Salsa

  7. Watermelon

  8. Corn on the Cob

  9. Iced Coffee

  10. Gazpacho

  11. Salads, Salads, Salads

  12. Frozen berries

  13. Ice cream sandwiches

  14. Gourmet Popsicles

  15. BBQ

  16. Any meats on the grill- grill and serve

* Do not keep Mayonnaise in the heat, this may result in food poisoning and salmonella.

  • Have a summer friendly dessert station!

This will absolutely wow your guests. A fancy dessert station with gourmet popsicles, delectable ice cream treats, and even alcohol spiked shaved ice (Guests must be 21 and up for this delicious treat). Yum. All brides and grooms need to “cut the cake”. It's a tradition. Have a one layer cake to cut. But in this heat don't have your icing melt into a sweet gooey puddle. The heat is ruthless for cakes, causing layered cakes to melt quickly. Have fresh fruits. Beautiful fruit trays like those from Edible Arrangements are strikingly lovely but with all the delicious, seasonal fruits it's unbeatable. Check them out at www. edible and get a 50% off coupon, Edible Arrangements 50% OFF Coupon 2020 in August Put more emphasis on other desserts that are refreshing too.

-Rent a Daiquiri/ Margarita Machine!

Imagine this: An incredibly hot and sunny day- but fortunately for you, you have a frozen drink in your hand! It really doesn't get much better than that! Check out the local party rental stores to rent this ingenious way to stay cool during your wedding, or buy your own! This way, you and your guests can stay cool and have delicious drinks! Everyone loves strawberries and fresh frozen fruits ?

A local vendor is Tiki Time Tropical Treats, they serve the state of Maryland. Prices start at $224 and range to $249. Their website is:

  • Serve your guests lots of iced infused water!

Serve infused water and you will make sure that the ice water is as stylish as your wedding! To jazz up a glass of ice water, put a slice of lemon, lime, berries or orange on the side. You can even coordinate the water with your wedding colors if you would like!

-Remind your guests to dress accordingly!

It can easily reach the 90s during Maryland summers! Although heavier dresses and black suits look appealing, you definitely do not want guests to suffocate in them. Here are some great ideas for summer appropriate wedding guest apparel-

Men- Breathable materials, such as linen, cotton, and linen-cotton blends. Opt for warmer or more neutral tones.

Women- There are so many times when a woman just wants to find an excuse to wear that gorgeous sundress that hasn’t left the closet yet. Voila! Now they’ll be more comfortable as they attend an outdoor/ garden wedding. A guest should never wear white to compete with the bride. Pinks, powder blues, and yellows are lovely summer colors that are very appropriate for a summer wedding. Add a cute pair of matching sandals and you’re all set! Don’t forget to bring a complementary shawl for when the temperature drops in the evenings.

  • Rent an air conditioning unit!

If you are worried about the heat maybe consider renting a AC unit. Remember you are getting 10% off for a summer rental date. There are times when you’ll prioritize comfort over other expenses, and a summer outdoor wedding may well be one of those times! Renting an air conditioning unit will most likely be the difference between feeling overheated and comfortable. Sunbelt Rentals is located all over the United States but has convenient locations in Maryland. They have many types of air conditioning units and will work with you to find the one best suited for you. Their website can be found here in this link below-

  • Give out personalized fans or fun sunglasses as party favors!

Ornamental fans can be customized to show the date of the wedding and the couple’s names. It's very Southern to sit and fan oneself. Think of your guests sitting with a fan and a mint julep on the mansion lawn! Let's not forget that they can be useful too! The guests can use them to cool down and have a fun and operational decoration to take home with them. Sunglasses are awesome party favors too. If you have a fun side, buy a certain color or style and have a wedding photo with all the guests wearing those glasses. What a great (and unique!) picture to add to your album. Win/win!

  • Set some ornate baskets or cool crates around with the following:

Tissues- These will help dab at the tears at your one of a kind wedding at Prosperity Mansion & Farm. When your guests see how beautiful you are they are sure to shed at least a few tears.

Sunscreen- If it's hot, some complimentary sunscreen is a nice and thoughtful touch.

Bug Spray- Yikes, go away mosquitos and gnats! Give bug spray out to your guests so that no one has to resist the urge to scratch bug bites. This is an investment everyone will thank you for at an outdoor/ garden wedding venue.

Trees- Rent a wedding venue with lots of trees for shade when your guests feel the need. Trees are not only lovely but our friends in the summer! They help hide us from the sun and therefore keep us cooler. By having shady spots available, guests will be able to find the relief they need out of the hot sun. At Prosperity Mansion & Farm, there are many large trees to shield you and your guests from the sun’s heat!

Complimentary Umbrellas- Place overhead umbrellas to shield the guests in chairs from the sun’s heat. Or have some inexpensive umbrellas. This will give the guests shade so that they can focus and enjoy the vows! It will make a difference for guests from hoping that the ceremony will be over quickly to actually paying attention and appreciating the beauty of your wedding ceremony.

Start on Time- What can be worse than sitting in the intensely beating sun and the wedding is late getting started? Make an extra effort to get going on time.

For fun, if you want a more casual wedding in July or August-

Think about doing a Hawaiian Luau/party. The men can wear tropical shirts and nice shorts, The ladies would be in a sundress. The guests can all be given a Hawaiian Lei to wear. Flip flops and really fun casual clots that are also cool can be the dress code for the wedding. The food and entertainment can all be centered around having a Hawaiian feast and fun!

Just to remind you, Prosperity Mansion & Farm offers a 10% for all weddings in July and August. These tips will ensure that your guests are cool and comfortable. They will have a blast at your outdoor/ garden wedding! Come and visit Prosperity Mansion & Farm for more great tips on having a fantastic wedding.

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