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How to Make Your Wedding Experience Special for the Groom

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an outdoor / garden Maryland wedding venue located in Frederick County Maryland bordering Carroll County Maryland.

Why Involve the Groom More?

The more involved the groom becomes the more special he may feel when the big day really comes! As more couples break tradition, weddings have started to highlight the groom before and during their special day.

How to Include the Groom Leading Up to the Wedding Day?

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful from start to finish. It can get very overwhelming when only one person is working on all the details of a wedding along with their other responsibilities (Stevenson, 2019). If you are finding the tours, appointments, and decoration making too much for you to plan your wedding ask the groom for help! As your partner in life, you can work as a team to make sure your wedding plans are going to schedule (Zlotnick, 2020). Play to each other’s strong suits to ensure the tasks are not out of reach.

Bachelor parties are not always about naughty nights in Vegas. Doing something special with your best man and groomsmen will spark excitement for the wedding day! The bride might even surprise their man with their favorite team’s mascot to make an unforgettable bachelor party (Stevenson, 2019). The groom can also plan a groomsmen day out on the day of the bridal shower. Going to a local sports game, playing paintball in Taneytown, or meeting at a Frederick brewery can provide a second fun day for the groom to celebrate with their buddies. In this time the groom may delegate wedding tasks to their best friends (Zlotnick, 2020). Just remember someone can be your friend but not everyone can be a best man. Do yourself a favor and pick the right VIPs to support you on your wedding day! Debbie at Prosperity Mansion & Farm had a wedding rehearsal that the best man and groomsmen came late to. As a result, the wedding day came, and the bride walked out at the wrong time due to the best man’s poor planning. Nothing wrong with delegating things to the best man and groomsmen if you are for sure they will come through.

Similar to how the bride spend the days leading up to the wedding getting her nails done, the groom may schedule a haircut and massage in the few days leading up to the wedding. Taking the time to pamper himself can make sure he is feeling relaxed and confident. As a Frederick County wedding venue, Prosperity Mansion and Farm is located within 30 minutes of a multitude of massage places and barber shops.

Aligning the grooms’ interests with specific wedding responsibilities will intensify their interest in making your wedding an event to cherish for eternity!

How to Include the Groom on Your Big Day?

-Consider adding a song for their mates to walk to during the wedding procession. One charming song will add a humorous touch to your special day. The bride could even ask the groomsmen to surprise their groom with their processional performance.

-Including the groom’s favorite foods and drinks in the wedding day can ensure their happiness (Holbrook, 2020). Whether the Groom is a fan of BBQ, Mexican dishes, or sweet treats, the wedding couple can incorporate some of their favorite foods into the cocktail hour or reception. Offer a beer tasting for guests at your wedding reception with craft beer from the groom’s favorite local brewery (Zola 2019). Doing this will ensure the groom is looking forward to the wedding day, even for the details, just as much as the bride.

-Perhaps the groom’s favorite colors can be added to your wedding color scheme. This small detail added for him can be appreciated together in every wedding photo. If the groom’s favorite color is green, perhaps could ask their side of the family to wear incorporate green into their attire. Then ask parents and immediate family to wear that same color to make for a color-coordinated photo op.

-Plan to include a groom’s cake on your wedding day (Holbrook, 2019). Nothing says I love you like a personalized cake decorated for both the bride and the groom. You could take it a step further and surprise each other with a funny or beautiful design.

-You can add any things you did not say during your vows to a reception toast for him (Howerton+Wooten Events, 2015). Sweet words from anyone at a wedding are bound to make the groom tear up! Adding a loving toast will ensure they feel represented throughout your wedding night reception.

-Offering games during your wedding night can give the groom and groomsmen a wholesome experience during your wedding night while the ladies dance (Zola, 2019). Prosperity Mansion & Farm has a game area to the side of the event tent with cornhole, chess, Jenga, connect four, and a fire pit.

-Choose a wedding venue that has details which highlight both of your personality types. Garden wedding venues offer gorgeous views, colorful foliage, and rustic charm. These details found at outdoor venues can be appealing to both the bride and the groom. At Prosperity Mansion & Farm our “Man Cave”, is designed for the groomsmen to enjoy their wedding morning while getting dressed and drinking a few beers. This rustic spot is one-of-a-kind place for the guys to chill!

These small details add up to create unique moments the groom will appreciate and remember forever. In this day and age, less people are following tradition. Involving your lifetime partner in your wedding planning, events, and celebration can be a fun way for you to spend time together while making a wedding to remember!

Also, serving-Baltimore, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Howard Co, Washington Co, Littlestown, PA, Hanover, PA Gettysburg, PA and more

Mission Statement:

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is committed to providing a beautiful wedding venue that is affordable to all couples. Our budget-friendly venue allows you to celebrate your big day and then move on to the next phase of your relationship without financial burdens.


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