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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
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Maryland Wedding Venues

A large road sign reading "Maryland Welcomes You. Enjoy Your Visit!"
Maryland Welcomes You. Enjoy Your Visit!

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm an outdoor / garden Maryland wedding venue located in Frederick County Maryland and near Westminster Maryland.

Maryland truly is the idea state in which to consider getting married! Why you might ask? Well that's so easy. To begin with we have four seasons. So no matter what climate or visual changes to the seasons that cause you to smile, we have it. So think of your favorite season and then envision what your dream wedding what look like.

Is it elegant, rustic, whimsical or vintage? Is it in a historical setting, in the countryside, outdoors or in a garden? If any of these are appealing, you can not only find that here in Maryland but all of the nouns listed are used to describe Prosperity Mansion & Farm.

In addition to the fours season we have the city, ocean, mountains, farms and countryside settings. We recommend an outdoor, garden wedding venue located in the countryside of Frederick MD where peace and tranquility surround every wedding. We honestly tell guests that two cars make a traffic jam in Keymar Maryland which is where Prosperity Mansion & Farm is located.

Ever heard of the Star Spangled Banner written by Sir Francis Scott Key? Of course you have. Prosperity Mansion & Farm is the actual neighbor to Sir Francis Scott Key. His estate is only a few miles from Prosperity's historical wedding venue.

There are also plenty of amazing places in Maryland to spend the day at! The Inner Harbor in Baltimore has attractions like the National Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, and tours of different Navy vessels, and the Little Italy neighborhood nearby has some of the best Italian food you could eat. There's also Deep Creek Lake out in Western Maryland, where you can find some of the best views.

Maryland also borders Washington, D.C. New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. So guests from out of town can truly make this a destination wedding event. Additionally, what great honeymoon options. You can easily leave from Prosperity Mansion & Farm in Frederick County and be in D.C. In an hour and fifteen minutes, New York in two and a half hours , Pennsylvania in fifteen minutes and Virginia in about and hour and 30


If you are getting married in Maryland why should you consider Prosperity Mansion & Farm? One big reason for many couples is the money. While Maryland's wedding venues are more reasonably priced than most metropolitan areas, Prosperity shines most brightly. We are many times 25-50% less expensive than many venues. We made a decision early on that we wanted to provide an aesthetically pleasing venue that was reasonably priced and we have done this.

Getting married in Maryland is an easy decision, and Prosperity Mansion & Farm is the ideal venue for Maryland couples. If you're getting married, we invite you to follow your heart to our door!

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Mission Statement:

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is committed to providing a beautiful wedding venue that is affordable to all couples. Our budget friendly venue allows you to celebrate your big day and then move on to the next phase of your relationship without financial burdens.

Prosperity Mansion & Farm proudly serves:

Frederick Maryland

Carroll County Maryland

Westminster Maryland

Baltimore Maryland

Montgomery County Maryland

Anne Arundel County Maryland

Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Hanover Pennsylvania

Littlestown Pennsylvania

Loudoun County Virginia and more

Contact us at: 443-350-8100



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