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Picking a Wedding Venue by Location.

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an outdoor / garden Maryland wedding venue located in Frederick County Maryland bordering Carroll County Maryland.

Located within 1.5 hours of Washington DC. and Baltimore.

Picking a Wedding Venue by Location?

One of the most important things to consider for your wedding day is the venue. The location, budget, and capacity of a wedding venue can largely influence the wedding couple’s choice. After getting engaged, couples may wonder where to start planning their big day! Envisioning the atmosphere you want to create will not be hard for those who have dreamed about their wedding since childhood. Start by researching what type of wedding venue fits your relationship best. Do not be discouraged if the wedding venues closest to you are out of your price range! Choosing a wedding venue closer to the countryside, such as Frederick Maryland, will save you $1000s. Rural wedding venues may be able to host a larger capacity than those in smaller city venues. Choosing the wedding venue is not one small detail. It is the place that will feature one of the happiest days of your life.

Rural Wedding Venue vs. Urban Wedding Venue

Rustic wedding venues found in Frederick County offer advantages like beautiful scenery, peaceful vistas, open landscapes, no traffic and more. When the wedding party and guests travel to a unique venue like Prosperity Mansion & Farm, they get to enjoy the countryside lined with farms, horses, sheep and cows. Stress free traveling with little to no traffic can be expected the further you travel from the Washington-Baltimore metro area. You may wave to all of the farm animals while passing the picturesque countryside! Outdoor wedding venues like Prosperity Mansion & Farm offer a natural setting where flowers blooms and leaves change color. Enjoying your wedding day in thriving gardens will inspire an unforgettable wedding day. These rural benefits create a relaxing atmosphere for a serene wedding venue.

Wedding venues closer to major cities like Washington DC. and Baltimore come with a huge price tag.. You might want to consider how traffic jams in urban areas could affect your wedding day. Trying to find guest parking in cities can create difficulties that the bride should not have to be concerned with on her Wedding Day. Also consider how the hustle and bustle of a city can impact your wedding atmosphere. Loud background noise is not desirable during your romantic wedding ceremony. Lastly, a major consideration when picking the venue will be your budget. Wedding venues closer to the city will cost a significant amount more than countryside venues (WeddingWire, n.d.). Prosperity Mansion & Farm offers wedding packages for thousands of dollars less expensive than venues closer to the Washington-Baltimore area.

Your wedding day should be realistic to attain without settling for less. Take some time to consider how the location of your wedding venue can drastically change the price and mood of your wedding.

What Does Nature Have to Offer for an Outdoor Wedding?

The natural settings found in rural wedding venues will make your wedding more extraordinary. Outdoor weddings in the countryside separate you and your guests from any public distractions. This romantic ambience can create a memorable event for you and your guests. Not to mention the spectacular backdrops nature creates for your photos. Natural décor is a wedding trend that will never go out of style (Taglyan Complex, n.d.). Each season will bring a different vibe to your wedding. Springtime offers bright green grass surrounding gardens that are sprinkled with perennial flowers. Summertime features picture perfect sunsets and fireflies that will light up your wedding night. Autumn delivers a vivid display of changing leaves that may inspire beautiful wedding theme colors. Imagining how season can present charming natural elements will provide an exciting vision for your wedding day.

How Far Should I Be Willing to Drive?

Couples are traveling further from their homes to reach their wedding venue destinations. Some may drive from 50-200 miles to reach their dream wedding venue (Dodson Orchards LLC, n.d.). If you find the unique features of a garden wedding venue attractive, consider searching for wedding venues within a 100-mile radius. This radius will give you much more options in terms of what each location has to offer. Driving a little over one hour from the Washington-Baltimore metro area to visit Prosperity Mansion & Farm can benefit a wedding couple in all the ways mentioned above. Guests will be happy to drive a little further to support you on your big day. Hotels are as close as 15 minutes to Prosperity Mansion & Farm. Areas of attraction around these hotels could increase the interactions that guests have with your wedding destination.

What is a Weekend Wedding?

Weekend weddings are a 2022 trend where the wedding party and/or guests spread events across Friday-Sunday. Throughout the weekend one of the days might include your “traditional” wedding at the venue you choose. The other days might include a rehearsal dinner or an after-wedding brunch. Wedding venues in Frederick County, Maryland are near local restaurants, wineries, and attractions. Extending your wedding into a wedding weekend can offer more time for the wedding couple to create a unique experience for their guests. You can increase the time you spend with your guests when you save money on a countryside wedding venue (Wax, 2022). Utilize rural wedding venues to make the most out of a celebratory weekend wedding.

Are Rural Wedding Venues Worth It?

Your wedding venue location, budget, and capacity can determine whether a rural venue is worth it. If you love the feeling that a charming and whimsical garden wedding venue gives, you need to consider Prosperity Mansion & Farm in Frederick County, Maryland. Not only will you be choosing a unique location, but the prices are reasonable and the ambience is relaxing.

Mission Statement:

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is committed to providing a beautiful wedding venue that is affordable to all couples. Our budget friendly venue allows you to celebrate your big day and then move on to the next phase of your relationship without financial burdens.


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