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Vow Renewals in Maryland

Advice from-Prosperity Mansion & Farm, a Frederick Maryland wedding venue

What is a vow renewal- A vow renewal is a heartfelt ceremony where a couple reaffirms their commitment and love for each other. It's a beautiful way to celebrate milestones in a marriage, such as anniversaries or overcoming challenges together. During a vow renewal, couples can customize their ceremony to reflect their journey and growth together, creating new memories and strengthening their bond This special occasion allows couples to celebrate their love and commitment by exchanging vows in front of family and friends or a large group to celebrate their journey. Vow renewals can be held on significant anniversaries or milestones in a couple's relationship, serving as a meaningful way to commemorate their enduring love and dedication to each other. It is a heartfelt and joyous event that symbolizes the continued growth and strength of the couple's bond. It's a touching and meaningful way to honor the love that has endured and grown over time. It's like hitting the reset button on your wedding vows.

How many people are typically invited to a vow renewal?

Great question! The correct answer is, as many as your heart desires. Renewing one’s vows can look different to many couples. Some envision a small intimate ceremony with just the couple. Others opt for their closest family and friends to be present. And then there is the couple that wants to go all out and invite hundreds.

Some couples never had a memorable ceremony. Maybe they went to the courthouse or got married in someone’s backyard. Now, this is their time to celebrate and have all of the bells and whistles! So, it’s from two to hundreds that can be at your ceremony. The sky is your limit as well as your pocketbook.


Who typically wants to have a vow renewal?

Vow renewals are popular among couples who want to commemorate a milestone anniversary, rekindle their romance, express their enduring love in a meaningful way or never had a chance for a DREAM. Some couples have looked ahead and agreed to renew their vows at certain that is important in their life’s journey together. Whether you're celebrating 5, 10, 25, or even 50 years together, renewing your vows is a special occasion that brings joy, love, and cherished memories. So, who's ready to say I do all over again? Prosperity Mansion & Farm does offer affordable wedding packages for 2 to 200 guests, here in the charming countryside of Frederick Maryland.

Prosperity Mansion & Farm offers various levels of weddings to suit all budgets:

1)      Full day, DREAM weddings- From 20- 200 guests and 8-10-12 hours in duration

2)      Small weddings / Micro weddings- Up to 50 guests and 5 hours.

3)      Courthouse weddings / Intimate weddings- From 2-30 guests and 1-2 hours

4)      Vow Renewals From 2-200 guest and from 1-12 hours



Should I write my own vows?

As an officiant, I am honored to preside over a couples wedding. I officiate over many Courthouse weddings, Elopements, Intimate weddings as well as Vow Renewals. I always ask the couple, if there are any special, funny, loving, antidotes that I can incorporate in the vows. I feel that it is more meaningful when the vows are unique and have special touches that takes the couples journey into account. Saying that, I encourage the couple, if they feel comfortable to write their own vows or at least to be prepared to say something from the heart to each other. However, some people simply feel uncomfortable for many reasons, they prefer that I handle the whole thing. So, the bottom line is yes, speak from your heat but only of that suits you and you feel comfortable. Heartfelt vows typically bring tears to everyone’s eyes.


How much does it cost-

One of the most common inquiries we receive is about the cost of a Vow Renewal ceremony at Prosperity Mansion & Farm. We understand that one of the key factors in making a decision is knowing the cost involved We understand the importance of transparency and clarity when it comes to pricing. Rest assured, we have tailored our pricing to offer you the best value for the exceptional service and quality you deserve. For a simple, 1–2-hour ceremony our prices begin at an affordable $300. To learn more about our pricing and the value we provide, please reach out to us directly

We are pleased to share with you all of the details of our services and levels of weddings. We are delighted to surprise you with everything that you will receive for a simple ceremony only type of Vow Renewal- From 2-30 guests and 1-2 hours:

3 distinct ceremony areas for your wedding ceremony

Flower gardens and fountains

Officiant (you may also bring your own)

Ceremony Chairs set up.

Private Restroom Trailer- heated and airconditioned

Handicap restroom unit.

Onsite private parking

Tables with enchanting curtains and chandeliers for Cake Cutting and or Champaign toast.

Beautiful grounds for photos- Many areas set up for photos and more.

Extras- Bridal Cottage and Mancave available for dressing onsite (check availability)

Where do I find a location for a vow renewal?

Of course, Prosperity Mansion & Farm offers our whimsical, magical wedding location for your ceremony. We are a real wedding venue in Frederick County Maryland, so forget a courthouse wedding. You may also opt to have your Vow Renewal in a park, at home or anywhere that suits your fancy. But we offer a wedding venue space that only caterers to weddings. Every inch of our property is exclusively set up for your wedding event.

Planning a vow renewal is a special occasion that deserves just the right venue. Whether you envision a picturesque outdoor setting, a chapel or even the courthouse, finding the right location sets the tone for this special occasion. Consider factors such as ambiance, amenities, and of course budget when selecting a wedding venue. Set up a tour and visit the potential locations. You don’t want to show up on your special day and be disappointed. Touring will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your vision for this meaningful event. If you are planning a vow renewal and searching for the perfect location to rekindle your love? Look no further! We offer breathtaking locations on our property that will set the stage for your special moment.


Should I have a reception after I renew my vows?

That is a personal preference. However, most people do have something following the vow renewal ceremony. If it's just the couple, they generally have a romantic luncheon or dinner planned and maybe a special night or more away from home. Some actually go away on the honeymoon that they never had or the honeymoon that they wanted to relive.

Smaller more intimate groups can either remain here at our wedding venue or book the Small / Micro wedding package. Instead of going out to lunch or dinner, they can have it catered with anything from heavy Hors d” oeuvres to a full meal or they may bring their own food for their guests. That way they can continue the party, with music playing, dancing, playing games at our amazing game area. Or they may leave and have continue the celebrate elsewhere.

Finally, the couple might decide to have the full day, DREAM wedding with all the bells and whistles. Full day, DREAM weddings- From 20- 200 guests and 8-10-12 hours in duration.

We do have a list of any type of vendor that you could need such as a bakery, caterers, photographers, transportation, DJ’s, bartenders and more. It can be as intimate as you like or a full-blown party. It’s your day!

Should I expect gifts?

It’s not customary for guests to bring gifts to a vow renewal ceremony as they might for a wedding.

However, if you do want a gift, you may register and let the invitees know or say something like in lieu of a gift kindly contribute to our honeymoon fund.

Typically, the couple already has established their home and life together, so they have all of the items that are given as wedding gifts.



Should we plan a honeymoon?

Planning a honeymoon after renewing your vows can be a wonderful way to celebrate your continued commitment to each other. Is there a sentimental place that you’ve longed to visit? What a better time to set those plans in motion. For some couples this may be the honeymoon that they never had.

A honeymoon can be the perfect conclusion to your vow renewal, offering an opportunity to relax and spend quality time together. But most importantly is the fact that you renewed your vows and your commitment together. Anything else that is within your budget and comfort zone is icing on the wedding cake.

Remember, the goal is to celebrate your love and enjoy each other’s company. Make sure to plan some downtime to simply relax and be together.

In conclusion- A vow renewal is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the past, cherish the present, and look forward to the future together. Whether you're marking a milestone, overcoming challenges, or simply wanting to express your love all over again. A vow renewal is a meaningful way to rekindle the flame. Let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Say I do to renewing your vows in a place that will truly make your heart sing. Come to Prosperity Mansion & Farm in Frederick County MD.

As they say in New Orleans "laissez les bons temps rouler" translated- LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!


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