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Weddings on a Budget!

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an outdoor / garden Maryland wedding venue located in Frederick County Maryland bordering Carroll County Maryland.

Weddings on a Budget

Tips on Hosting an Affordable Wedding:

Stick to Your Budget.

Establish Your Priorities.

Explore Ways to Save on Wedding Expenses.

Throughout this article, you will learn how to plan a more affordable wedding. Prosperity Mansion & Farm realizes that times are hard, but there is no reason you should have to expect less for a budget-friendly wedding. This outdoor / garden venue offers countless ways for wedding couples to spend less on their wedding.

Your Wedding Budget

Prior to planning your wedding consider making a budget to establish a set amount for what you can afford for each part of your wedding. As an estimate, you should assume that 40% of your budget will go towards the venue. Another 30% will be used for the food, drink, and catering. The last 30% of your wedding budget will be used on details like wedding attire, decor, entertainment, flowers, etc. (Hanlon, 2022). Some parents may chip in to help, other couples use their savings to pay for their wedding. If you are paying for any part of your wedding, you need to know how much you are able to spend. Some things to consider are:

Estimate how much money you are willing to spend on your wedding.

How much do you spend and save on a monthly basis?

How can you save money from now until your wedding to use (Murphy, 2020)?

Establish Your Priorities

Once you have an idea of how much you are willing to spend, establish your priorities. What do you absolutely need to have at your wedding? To answer this question, think about the details that you are going to remember in the next 10 years. You probably shouldn’t invest any of your budget into details you will not be able to remember (Sinrich, 2021).

Minimize the guest list to your closest friends and family. The fewer guests that are invited, the less money you will be spending per person on catering and an accommodating venue (Hanlon, 2022). As a reminder, backyard weddings are not the only option when it comes to affordable wedding venues. The location makes a big difference when it comes to the wedding venue cost. Do your research on local wedding venues. Look in rural areas for less expensive wedding venues. Exploring multiple options at different price points give you flexibility when it comes to how much you are willing spend on your wedding venue. Prosperity Mansion & Farm has three flexible options to give each wedding couple what they desire for a price they can afford.

All day DREAM weddings start at $4,000 for 8-10 hours and allow up to 200 guests

Micro / Small weddings start at $1,800 for 4-5 hours and allow up to 50 guests

Intimate / Elopements start at $400 for 1.5-2 hours and allow up to 20 guests

Where to Save on Costs

-Look into venues that offer weekday weddings (Sinrich, 2021)! Prosperity Mansion & Farm has multiple options for weddings all throughout the week. Choosing the Micro / Small wedding option can allow you to have your 4 - 5 hour wedding on a Monday - Wednesday for a more affordable price.

-At a BYOB venue, like Prosperity Mansion & Farm, you will be able to save money. Open bars are notoriously expensive, so ask your local liquor store if you can buy bulk liquor and beer at a discount. They might even buy back what was not used (The Budget Savvy Bride, 2022). Offering a limited amount of drink choices, such as signature drinks and beer, etc., at a BYOB wedding venue can reduce costs to fit your budget better.

-Choosing an off-season wedding date can help you get a beautiful venue at more economical prices (Sinrich, 2021). Summer wedding dates in July and August at Prosperity Mansion & Farm have discounted ceremony fees. This garden / outdoor wedding venue wants all wedding couples to have the wedding of their dreams without having money problems after the fact.

-Reuse decorations that you make in all parts of your wedding by moving them from one part of your wedding to another. Prosperity Mansion & Farm offers decorations as a part of their wedding packages to make things easier and less expensive for the wedding couples. The only decor they do not provide is guest table settings and table clothes. Debbie at Prosperity Mansion & Farm recommends that wedding couples use the decorations for their table settings, used during the reception, in the ceremony space, and at the beginning of the wedding, as well to avoid spending extra on the decor.

-Speaking of decor, there are a lot of resources you can use to find secondhand wedding decorations. Buying used decor in great condition is a great way to reduce your wedding expenses and be environmentally friendly. Once your decorations have been used, you can even resell them to other wedding couples to make some money back (The Budget Savvy Bride, 2022). You can find used decorations for sale on Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.

-Always remember you can DIY decor or wedding favors. With resources like YouTube and Pinterest you can learn how to make what you need for a more cost-effective wedding (The Budget Savvy Bride, 2022). Consider asking your wedding party to help you personalize the wedding decor and favors.

Prosperity Mansion & Farm aims to appeal to all wedding couples on any budget!

Weddings are meant for the couple to celebrate a new adventure of life with their friends and family. You can still make your “Big Day” one to remember no matter how much you are able to spend on your wedding. Consider following the tips mentioned above to make your wedding visions come true without spending all of your savings.

Also, serving-Baltimore, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Howard Co, Washington Co, Littlestown, PA, Hanover, PA Gettysburg, PA and more

Mission Statement:

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is committed to providing a beautiful wedding venue that is affordable to all couples. Our budget friendly venue allows you to celebrate your big day and then move on to the next phase of your relationship without financial burdens.


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