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What Is So Important About the Colors You Choose for Your Wedding?

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an outdoor / garden Maryland wedding venue located in Frederick County Maryland bordering Carroll County Maryland.

What Is So Important About the Colors You Choose for Your Wedding?

The colors you choose for your wedding will add to the overall experience you are trying to create at your wedding venue. Color seems like a small detail to consider, but it can tie all of your wedding dreams together. Choosing about three main colors and including different shades of those colors can create a beautiful palette to work with. Adding metallics or neutrals will help the bride stand out (Kinsley, 2021). This color palette guides the decoration selection and the wedding party's clothing. Floral foliage will connect your chosen colors to the decorations in your wedding. Envisioning how the colors will look along with your dream wedding, micro / small, or intimate / elopement wedding will help guide your decision.

Prosperity Mansion & Farm has a large variety of seasonal flowers that inspire theme colors that change seasonally. Always tour the wedding venue you have chosen (MULTIPLE times) to understand the best way to tie your personality in with the wedding location. If you choose an outdoor or garden wedding venue you can include the seasonal colors nature provides.

How Can Colors Set the Mood on Your Wedding Day?

Colors often encourage the mood of their surroundings. Hannah at Prosperity Mansion & Farm explains a few of the colors in the rainbow below and how they might affect the atmosphere of your dream wedding.

-We all know that red can create a romantic mood. Any shade of red creates a bold statement to display around your romantic wedding venue. The passion that the color red encourages may be exactly what you desire for your wedding day (BRIDE Online, 2021)!

-Different shades of orange can be energetic or earthier. No matter which shade of orange you pick, your garden wedding venue is sure to be full of warmth in any season. Cheerfulness will bring the best out of your wedding party and guests to dance the night away at your Maryland wedding venue (Pierce, 2019).

-The joyful color yellow can be a perfect option for any wedding season. It offers a bright option to energize up your wedding guests even when used as a metallic gold tone (Title, 2022). If you refer to your significant other as the light of your life, consider using yellow as a wedding color!

-The peacefulness that shades of blue offer can be used all throughout your wedding. Dark blue is a symbolic color often used in weddings as it represents loyalty (Pierce, 2019). Using lighter shades like sky blue or periwinkle can provide a dreamy vibe to your outdoor wedding venue.

-Wedding couples who want a magical wedding night might use purple as one of their main theme colors. Using a purple hue will make the wedding party dress and suit accessories stand out from the guests. Let this color evoke enchantment along with your garden wedding venue.

Your favorite combination of colors can reflect some of the moods mentioned above. Envision how you want the mood to be on your big day to imagine what colors would connect your dreams to your real wedding day.

Wedding Color Trends in 2022.

Our favorite trends for 2022 Wedding colors are using lots of green, embracing pastel colors, and incorporating earth tones.

You will find that many shades of green are flattering to all skin tones. Using this trend at an outdoor wedding venue like Frederick Maryland’s Prosperity Mansion & Farm can produce a serene vibe for you and your guests (Iacia, 2022). Imagine a countryside wedding venue where green pastures, decorations, and florals create a tranquil, monochromatic photo op.

Pastel colors are not just for a springtime, outdoor wedding venue! Periwinkle blue, minty green and peachy pink tones can be adapted to any wedding season. They are extremely alluring when used at a garden wedding venue where flowers and foliage complement the pastel hues (Iacia, 2022). Using pastels on your wedding can make for a peacefully glamorous day!

Earth tones take neutral, dull, and vibrant colors that are found in nature to make a down-to-earth feeling for the wedding venue. This natural look can be used during a season and complement all outdoor wedding venues (Title, 2022). Hannah takes inspiration from earthy tones to choose her dream wedding color palette below.

Neutrals Will Never Go Out of Style

Neutral colors include so many shades of black, brown, tan, and white. Any neutral color will make a great main or accent color to use at your outdoor / garden wedding. These colors do not just apply for a boho themed wedding. They may be used to complement the picturesque scenes found at an outdoor wedding venue like Prosperity Mansion & Farm. Using all neutral shades can make the wedding couple stand out from the crowd and venue (Kinsley, 2021). Neutral shades can be paired with almost every other color to create a dreamy color palette. See how a neutral shade of white pairs with the other colors in both palettes below.

Color Palettes from Prosperity Mansion & Farm in Frederick County Maryland.

Hannah’s Palette

Green, White, and Orange are the three main colors inspiring Hannah’s Dream Wedding color palette. One lighter shade of green reminds her of the forest where she enjoys hiking. The darker Sacramento green adds elegance to the space. Both shades of orange stimulate a warm feeling for Hannah. Finally, the creamy white provides a simple addition to tie the orange and green together.

Debbie’s Palette

Pink, White, and Green are the three main colors you would see at Debbie’s outdoor / garden Spring Wedding. Two shades of a pinky peach color evoke the feeling that springtime flowers bring for weddings at Prosperity Mansion & Farm. The sage green color complements any outdoor / garden wedding venue. A slightly pink shade of white offers a neutral base to harmonize with the other main colors. Choosing these colors to feature at her Micro / Small wedding creates a romantic but playful mood that will make for an unforgettable wedding day!

Stay True to Yourself even if you are having an Intimate / Elopement Wedding Event.

The colors for your wedding might seem like a minor detail, but this choice will represent you and your partner in every wedding photo, decoration, or even the tablecloth. So, take the time to look at which colors appeal to you, after all it is YOUR big day! Whether you are having a full day, DREAM wedding, Micro/ Small wedding or an Intimate / Elopement.

Also, serving-Baltimore, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Howard Co, Washington Co, Littlestown, PA, Hanover, PA Gettysburg, PA and more.

Mission Statement:

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is committed to providing a beautiful wedding venue that is affordable to all couples. Our budget friendly venue allows you to celebrate your big day and then move on to the next phase of your relationship without financial burdens.


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