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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
 Outdoor/ Garden Weddings
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Wedding Decorations

Wedding décor is a large part of setting the tone, look and a feel of your Big Day. Finding the right Decorations to fit your theme and color scheme is essential. Whether you are going for a Vintage themed Wedding, Rustic Wedding, a color themed Wedding or Fairytale Princess soirée Bride Online has a variety of top Wedding Decorations suppliers who can transform your reception and ceremony into your Wedding Day dream. You can "do it yourself" or hire companies that will help you create the look that you are after. Make sure you ask venue what the rules are for decorations and if you need to pay extra to get in to decorate. We allow you in anytime on the day of your wedding at no extra charge to decorate !That's just one of the many benefits of booking at Prosperity Mansion. Since we are located in the countryside in Frderick / Carroll Co Maryland

and its a garden area we allow you to come in anytime.

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