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LIQUOR AND WEDDINGS ......Prosperity Mansion.....serving Frederick and Carroll Counties

LIQUOR AND WEDDINGS by Debbie Donohue Prosperity Mansion

Serving Frederick & Carroll Counties

Many couples are opting NOT have an open bar. One reason is that they feel that the cost is just to much and they are looking for ways to help control the budget. This is especially true when you are having an outdoor weeding or a garden wedding. In a ballroom they are already set up with all the liquors, glasses etc that you need. In a garden setting that all needs to be brought in. Yes, it certainly can be done but couples are downsizing on the bar. They are deciding to have beer, wine and maybe a signature drink, Some are even going dry and not serving liquor at all. However, there is no getting away from it, you will pay a lot of money for an open bar.


WINE- A nice mix of reds, whites and blushes are recommended. There are liquor stores that will deliver whatever you want, iced and in coolers. They will come back at the end of the event and take back whatever you didn’t use and credit you back. Ask them how much they recommend based upon the number of guests and what other beverages you are serving. Also see whats on sale and if you can get an additional discount because you are buying in quantity !

BEER- To keg or not to keg that is the question? We recommend not to keg. The reason being is that when you don't commit to a large amount of beer like a keg you can have more variety. Again ask the liquor store about the amount, and cost. Make sure you know if there is a return policy.

GLASS OR PLASTIC GLASSES - Some venues especially garden venues, only allow plastic because they don't want broken glass in the grass. So make sure that you ask. For example, we use plastic in the garden area where people are walking around. But at dinner time we allow glass.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you would rather buy extra then run out. You really don’t want to send your family and guests out trying to find a liquor store in the middle of the reception.

Dry Weddings and/or non-alcoholic beverages- The caterer will be able to make ice teas, lemonades and infused water. Or you can have big vats with ice and bottled water. The caterer will also set up a hot coffee and a tea bar, That will be included in the price. You can do this yourself if you don’t mind the bother. But gallon bottles of water and the day before make lemonade, ice tea and infused water. However the cost is not significant enough to just let the caterer do it. That way they keep everything filled and clean. The bottom line on “do it yourself” is do you want the worry? Its your wedding day so maybe its worth it to just have fun. But as we know there are brides that really love a bargain.

LICENSED BARTENDER- We absolutely require that you have a licensed bartender. That way they will card anyone that is of an age that is questionable. They will cut of guests that seem to have “had to much”. You should close the bar at least 30 minutes or more before the end of your event.

You want to have a happy ending to your wedding which does not include car accidents and arrests. Have lots of water available for your guests especially as the night winds down.

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