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Wedding Venue Games- Frederick / Westminster Maryland Prosperity Mansion


Prosperity Mansion

Outdoor / Garden Wedding Reception Venue

Located in Frederick / Westminster Maryland

To have games or not to have games at your wedding is a personal choice. Many couples like having them to allow the guests to get out and have fun. Others say no way , its my day and I want the attention. There really is no wrong answer. This is strictly a personal choice.

If you do book a venue such as Prosperity Mansion where we are an outdoor garden venue and have to us about your preference. We can move them out of site for your reception if you desire. We can also have them only at the reception and not at the cocktail hour. Our goal is to make your day special. Here are some examples of games that are great for a wedding reception:

Corn Hole-

I never heard of Corn Hole or Corn Toss until this year when these boards began popping up everywhere on wedding blogs. Now this has quickly become one of the most popular wedding games. You can have the boards painted and personalized anyway you want. You can have your favorite sports team or colors that you love. Try it and its will definitely be a hit. Many venues have this game for you and your guests to use.

  • Giant board games such as connect four, scrabble, checkers or chess

  • A friendly game of darts or pool

  • Croquet

  • Mad Libs

  • I Spy / scavenger hunt

  • Horseshoes or Ring Toss

  • Bocci Ball

  • Badminton / Volleyball

  • Bag Toss

  • Frisbee

  • Bowling

  • Beer Pong

  • Tic Tac Toe

  • Mini Golf

Booklets or cards-Its also fun to have Booklets or cards for your guest to fill out and drop in a basket. The Bride and Groom can have lots of fun reading advise such as honeymoon do's and don't. How to make up when you have a disagreement. Also funny things that your friends and family can write about you.

Great for the reception tables, these little booklets or cards can also be read randomly during the reception for laughs. Print them up on card-stock at home and place binder rings on them. These little books of advice could also cover such topics as: What should we do on date nights? What should we name our first child? How should we celebrate our first anniversary? What’s the secret to a happy marriage?

Dance Games- Get the DJ involved and have some games that involve dancing. You can have an old fashioned jitter bug contest where couples dance until someone tapes them on the shoulder to signify that they are out. The last one standing maybe gets to takes home a centerpiece or bottle of wine.

We don't recommend drinking games. There's no reason that the guests should be encouraged to get drunk. Its your wedding and not a frat night out with the guys. You also want to make sure that your guest get home safely.

Prosperity Mansion Wedding Venue Frederick Maryland Westminster Maryland


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