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  • Debbie Donohue

When to start looking for a wedding / reception venue ? Frederick and Westminster seem to book quick

That's a GREAT question to ask............

When do I start looking for a wedding ceremony site and a wedding reception venue? And how do I choose one?

What time of year do I want to get married ? Are you a Winter, Spring , Summer of Fall type of bride? Search as soon as possible. At least a year ahead is highly recommended. But I have couples that get engaged and want to tie the knot as soon as possible. Have a few dates in mind when you start sending out requests to venues. See if they are already booked. Keep in mind that Saturdays are the most sought after and book first BUT maybe consider a Friday or Sunday. If you really love the venue ask what other dates they have. You may consider a different season, date or day of the week.

What colors do I want my wedding to be ? For some couples its all about the look and decorations. Do I see Spring colors? Do I see Fall colors with pumpkins and sunflowers. Things like that are pretty big in the selection of the season.

Will my guests have enough time to make plans to travel? Will weather effect them getting to my wedding? Keep those things in mind when you are planning. Some couples will reach out to family and friends before they decide on a season or date to see what their availability will be.

Do I want the ceremony at the same place where the wedding reception will be? Some wedding venues do not have a ceremony space, its strictly a venue for the reception. So the time of year can certainly be effected if you want the ceremony and reception at the same venue. I can tell you that I think and outdoor ceremony in the garden is beautiful. There is nothing like being one with nature. Feeling the sun on your face, a gentle breeze in the air. The trees and flowers all around is stunning.

Before you actually start to schedule tours decide the type of venue that you want. Do you want an outdoor / garden reception, ballroom, a farm, a park, in a tent. So have some idea so that you can narrow down the search. Close your eyes and go to that special place in your dreams and see your self getting married,,,,,where are you ? Lets not forget your partner. Do they have an opinion ? If its Winter then you obviously have decided to have a ballroom type of setting. If its Spring make sure that there is a pan B for rain. Remember “Spring showers bring May flowers”. That saying is known for a reason and that's because April is known for its many days of rain. So if it does rain where would the ceremony be held? What would it look like? Is you date in a rainy season? Will it be cold? Make sure that you address all of those issues. To be continued...............


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