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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
 Outdoor/ Garden Weddings
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  • Debbie Donohue

Garden Wedding Charm and Elegance Enhanced with Antique Furniture

Prosperity Mansion - "Antique Furniture" adds charm and elegance to an outdoor / garden wedding and reception venue. Yes, we believe in creating beauty and charm throughout this historical venue. So we have included at no extra charge an antique French bridal table and chairs. We also purchased an antique sideboard to be used as an enchanted cake or dessert table. We had all of the pieces custom painted for a cohesive design look.

However, if you have a look that's different from what we have that's never a problem. We will cover them or move them so that the items that you wanted can be used instead. We want you to have your vision realized on your wedding day. Our reception area is yours to decorate as you wish.

We are 25 minutes from Westminster and right on the boarder of Frederick and Carroll County Maryland. Prosperity Mansion is surrounded by farms and serene open fields. Schedule a tour.


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