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A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue
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  • Debbie Donohue

Mansion Wedding Venue - Outdoor / Garden Wedding Reception in Westminster / Frederick Maryland

Frederick and Carroll Counties are quickly becoming the wedding venue capitals of Maryland. I believe that in the cities of Frederick and Westminster we have more wedding venues then any other towns in Maryland.

Why you ask? The easy answer is that we have the open spaces to host garden ceremonies and outdoor receptions here in Frederick and Westminster Maryland. Our wedding venues are outstanding and affordable.

Anything else? Well that's a great question and I do have my opinion as to why. Frederick is listed as one of the top cites in Maryland. It has so much to offer. Historical homes, beautiful architecture, antique shops, restaurants and did I forget to mention wedding ceremony and event venues.

Both cities have its fair share of mansions and historical homes perched on sprawling open fields. The drive to these areas is generally quite picturesque and relaxing. Prosperity Mansion sits on 19+ acres of lush rolling hills and is nestled in a small quaint mill village.

When we get a call for a tour the couples are looking for a historical mansion. They want an outdoor wedding ceremony and the reception in the gardens. The surrounding are peaceful and the views just plain make you happy.

The cities, such as Baltimore are great. But the are congested and expensive. The parking can be very difficult as well as the hotels can be costly. So we suggest getting away from it all. Have a mini destination wedding. Drive past horses, sheep farms, cows and crops gently blowing in the breeze.

Where do you find such a place..........hummmm maybe Frederick and Westminster Maryland. Come to the country for your special day. Your friends and family will certainly thank you for it. They are sure to enjoy a stress free day. Who doesn't love a park like setting? Who doesn't love to feel the sun on their face? Who doesn't love to look at flowers? Well if you know someone that doesn't …..leave them at home :).

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