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  • Debbie Donohue

BUDGET - We hate to talk about money but the budget will control everything ! Prosperity Mansion can

BUDGET - We hate to talk about money but the budget will control everything ! Prosperity Mansion can help you. Located in Frederick / Carroll Co Maryland

First when you become engaged take a few weeks or more and enjoy the moment. Celebrate, have fun. Tell your friends and family. Set up a Facebook account to post whats happening.

Basically what I am telling you is to enjoy the moment. It will never come again. This truly is a once in a life time moment.

Then sit down with parents or whom ever is going to pay for the event. Discuss straight forward questions about:

  1. the date- dates fill up very quickly. Especially September and October

  2. some wedding and reception venues have seasonal changes in costs. Maybe that can help

  3. Consider a Friday or Sunday. The savings at many wedding venues are significant.

  4. Do you want an outdoor / garden wedding or ballroom.

  5. How many guests are you inviting

  6. How many do you think will come

Its vital that you stay within the range that you can afford. On the show”Say Yes To The Dress” they always caution brides NOT to try on dresses that they cannot afford. Because they will fall in love with something that's out of reach and will never be truly happy with any other gown.

As a wedding venue owner, I totally agree. You may host your wedding reception anywhere from your backyard to art galleries etc.. The cost can easily go from a free back yard picnic to a $100,000.00+ wedding and reception.

Once you have an idea of the most that you can spend that's when it makes sense to start looking. Be honest about what you can afford. You don't want to spend time touring wedding venues that are not within your budget.

Make sure that you find out whats included. If you have to purchase tables, chairs, decorations, toilets etc. that can really increase the price quickly. I was giving a garden wedding and reception tour a few weeks ago and the groom kept asking me if things that he saw where included. I kept telling him that everything was included that was on the long list that I sent him. He finally divulged that a friend of his had just gotten married and ended up paying $5,000 more when the “extras” were added on.

You can usually save a lot of money when you can use your own caterer. If you need to use theirs that can be a problem with the budget.

BYOB- Yes you always want to be able to bring your own liquor. Many times you can have a local liquor store deliver what you want and come back at the end of the event and take back what you didn't use. Of course the will reimburse you.

Remember that the first thing is to book the venue. You cannot book anyone else until you have the wedding and reception venue. That too will help set the tone. I have had many brides say that finding a beautiful venue is the most important thing to them. They will cut some on the food to have the wedding ceremony and reception space of their dreams.

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