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  • Deborah Donohue

The "Man Cave" at Prosperity Mansion. An outdoor , garden wedding reception venue at a man

Yes we are working on the "Man Cave" area. It will have a great outdoor patio for lounging, foosball, darts and more. A covered brink and stone area for shade, eating and maybe TV.

Yes we are catering to men too. We want the guys to be happy and have a place to hang out and semi party until its time walk down the isle. Wedding receptions have been adding the Man Cave because its been something that guys are asking for. I just booked a wedding today and the groom said that he would not book a place that didn't have an area for the guys.

I am told that we will be finished in the next two weeks. I certainly hope so. Our outdoor wedding venue needs all of the bells and whistles to make us one of the premiere wedding venues in Frederick and Carroll County Maryland.


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