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From Rustic to Elegant- Prosperity Mansion has it all. Serving Brides throughout Maryland and Washin

From Rustic to Elegant- Prosperity mansion has it all. Marvel at the historical stone walls and barn doors from 1792. Smile at the crystal sprinkled throughout. Who says that you cannot have it all? We are a wonderful mix of both. So if your heart warms at all of the rustic elements we are the venue for you. Or if you are girlie girl and want crystal and French touches its here also. We blend the looks so effortlessly. Your heart will warm as you enter the Bridal Cottage. Its so elegant and charming. There are chandeliers, french painted vintage furniture. Yet barn wood floors to add warmth and rustic charm.

Lets not forget the new Man Cave. The stone and antique brick floors, original barn door and stone barn wall. The guys will love playing games and have drinks at the wine barrel bar. They will have fun with the fooz ball table as well as throwing darts.

This historical property was once 800 acres of farmland. Guess who was our neighbor? Francis Scott Key. His estate and farm adjoined ours. Prosperity Farm and Mansion was established in 1792+. So if you want rustic we are the real deal. Yet the Mansion house was one of the original mansions in this part of Maryland.

Your wedding will be on grounds rich with history. Some parts of the gardens are decorated in a rustic fashion. Other areas are more elegant. When you think you have seen it all, there is another hidden garden or patio. Whimsical statues peek out of hedges and bushes. You will truly find us to be quite magical. Come to Prosperity Mansion and have it all.

Prosperity Mansion

11309 Rocky Ridge Rd

Detour , MD 21757


Located 1 hour from Baltimore, 1.25 hours from Washington, D.C. , .5 hours from Gettysburg and an 1 hour to Columbia.

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