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The Heat and Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland Prosperity Mansion

The Heat and Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland

Prosperity Mansion

We all know that July and August are the two hottest months of the year. Of course as with life there are exceptions to the rule. Prosperity Mansion is located in Fredrick / Carroll County Maryland. So we are nestled in the country surrounded by trees and farmland. Its always cooler in the countryside. That's why the rich and famous people always had summer homes. They could get away from the heat by going to the countryside.

Make sure that the wedding venue you choose for your outdoor / garden wedding has trees and shaded areas. Also think about your comfort level. Are you someone that loves being outdoors and doesn't mind the heat? Or are you a wilted violet? It's your wedding day and you need to do what's right for you. Your guests can dress accordingly. But don't select a place that's totally open without shade. Also a a place on a hill is helpful because you will have a nice breeze.

Hand-held fans for guests provide a nice breeze too. For those ceremonies outdoors its not only a fan but a personalized gift that they can keep forever. You can hand out the fans as guests arrive or have them at their sets where the ceremony will take place.

Have an area set up for ice water, ice tea and lemonade near the ceremony site. That way as guests are waiting for the event to begin they can have a cool drink. Prosperity Mansion has many trees and shade areas. Your friends and families are sure to enjoy the tree lined ceremony site with a cold beverage. Most weddings have liquor. So especially on really hot days make sure that everyone has the opportunity to stay hydrated. We have found beautiful, fun beverage dispensers that look like mason jars and milk cans. So you can make a stunning area to display the non- alcoholic beverages.

Lastly, the good old electric fans.


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