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Wedding Planners or Not ? From an outdoor / garden wedding venue located in Frederick / Westminster

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland

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I am sure that there are great Wedding Planners and Day of Coordinators. But as in any profession you truly have to be careful. Make sure that you or the venue Vets them. Ask for their resume and references.

To me rule #1 is never bother the bride, groom, wedding party or any of the guests with any issues. The whole reason that they hire a Planner is to have a stress free day If you are any good at all with your job you work out the issues that arise. The only way that I ( venue owner) would ever go to anyone in the wedding is if I have tried absolutely every possible thing and was at a total loss.

Rule #2.see rule #1. Are you getting my drift.

Are they certified?

What are their credentials?

How many weddings have the worked?

Do they have insurance?

Have a long conversation with them. Pay special attention to if they are a team player . Check and compare prices and what you get for their time. Just because they say they are a wedding planner doesn't really mean much at all.

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