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"Wedding Gowns"- Prosperity Mansion & Farm- located in Frederick County and bordering Carroll County

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Prosperity Mansion & Farm- located in Frederick County Maryland and bordering Carroll County: Advice from a Historical, outdoor / garden wedding venue in Maryland- “Wedding Gowns”

All your life you have dreamt of getting married. Maybe you even played dress up as a bride. If you were like me, my favorite outfit for my Barbie was a wedding gown. It’s finally time. You've booked you wedding venue so next is the gown. Time to put on the gorgeous gown you’ve chosen and walk down the aisle to marry the love of your life. You say that you haven’t chosen a gown? That’s okay, because Prosperity Mansion & Farm has some advice for you on how to pick the dress of your dreams!

How much are you willing to spend?

Set a budget and don’t try on gowns that are outside your upper price point. As they say on

“Say Yes To The Dress', you don’t want to fall in love with a gown that is too expensive. Once you do that, the dresses in your price point will certainly never live up to the dream gown that you tried on.

The price of a wedding dress varies greatly and depends on several things. Certain factors like designers, material, and style can affect the price. Business Insider estimates that brides spend anywhere from $1,509 to $3,158 . The Knot has a similar price, estimating that the average wedding dress cost in 2018 was $1,631, with dress alterations. I guess those brides never shopped at Kleinfelds! Good thing too!

IF money is super tight- Did you know that you can rent a gown? Yes, even designer gowns can be rented for a weekend. Believe it or not second hand shops as well as the Goodwill sometimes have gown for almost nothing. Don’t forget that you can also borrow a gown from a friend if money is an issue. Who will know? We will never tell. As you walk down the isle at your outdoor wedding venue guests are sure to think you are amazing.

Call around to Goodwill and second hand shops and ask if they have any wedding gowns and ask for the size. Leave your name and number in case something comes in that might work for you. Call back frequently to remind the various sales people who you are and what you are looking for. Online consignment shops are great resources too. Facebook has tons of sites for brides that have had their wedding and are now selling everything online like, gowns, décor and more.

What season are you getting married in? Here are some things to consider when selecting your gown:

For Summer- Summer is the most popular season to get married. The summer wedding is about the sunshine, flowers and outdoors. Summertime is one of the best seasons to be married since you get to have the freedom of having an outdoor/ garden wedding without worrying about the weather spoiling your perfect day. Summer weddings do not limit your options on wedding dresses since you won't have to dress up to keep warm unlike in the winter months where you have to do more layering.

You can wear gowns from sexy to simple. How about strapless, V- neck, backless, the sky's the limit! Gowns from flirty minidresses to flowy full length are fantastic. Make sure that the fabric is lightweight and breaths. Choose a dress that can adapt to your needs, such as a dress option with a shrug, bolero, or slight sleeves that can cover shoulders. Consider the length of the train. If you are walking across grass and cement that may not be kind to your fabric.

Finally, dress according to the wedding venue that you select as well as the time of day. Maryland wedding venues are certainly seasonal since we celebrate all four times of the year. If you are in a rustic setting the dress should be simple. An outdoor/ garden wedding at a mansion or more upscale venue opens more closet doors for a bigger variety of gowns. Day time weddings can lend itself to tee length or shorter dresses. Evening is typically more formal. But remember it's YOUR big day so dress length is up to you. Work it!

For Autumn- We’ve checked David Bridal’s gorgeous Fall collection- and here is what’s in!

  • A touch of COLOR (Not bright colors). Hues of soft pink, rose gold, and champagne give a new refreshing look to the classic white gown!

  • Sleeves. Sleeves are pretty great, after all, they can help you stay warm in the potentially chilly autumn! Also, they’re definitely in since they’re stylishly chic.

  • Texture. Who’s in the mood to play with some patterns? Top designers are! Fancy beading, delicate lace, sequins, all of this and more are all the rage!

  • Unique- If you’re a daring bride, you can go for a more unorthodox choice! Jumpsuits with cropped hems, statement sleeves with super extra long trains on short dresses, you can truly think outside the norm now!

  • Outdoor / garden wedding venues are just as popular in the Fall and in states like Maryland where we celebrate all seasons it the most popular time for our wedding venue.

For Winter-

  • Ball Gowns. So many beautiful layers of fabric and lace. It will keep you nice and cozy! Bonus: You can put on tights or leggings underneath too and no one will notice! (We won’t tell.)

  • Long sleeves. Lacy sleeves are both intricately beautiful and functional. Illusion fabric is a wonderful addition to your dress as well!

  • Lace. Lace gives the appearance of depth and adds warmth. In addition, lace can give the beautiful look of a snowflake, which emphasizes the beauty of winter.

  • Subtle hues. Maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of wearing white. Go champagne, gray, blush, or blue this winter!

  • Faux-fur capes. Can you get more wintry than faux-fur capes? I think not! You’ll look like a Winter princess in a gown with a faux-fur cape.

  • Stretcher gowns- You may be a bride, but you should still be nice and comfortable on your big day! Get a gown that isn’t completely form fitting and stretches a bit. It’ll be very nice to be able to breathe a little easier!

  • Prosperity Mansion & Farm is closed in the winter for weddings but we are still booking our wedding venue for the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Wedding gowns have a unique flair to each and every one. No matter what gown you choose, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous in it! Every bride truly looks fabulous on her wedding day. So if you are looking for an outdoor / garden wedding venue in Frederick Maryland check us out. Our venue is guaranteed to provide the most stunning backdrop for your outdoor / garden wedding!

Prosperity Mansion & Farm also serving- Westminster Maryland, Carroll County Maryland, Baltimore Maryland, Montgomery County Maryland, Anne Arundel County Maryland, Thurmont Maryland, Taneytown Maryland, Littlestown Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Hanover Pennsylvania and more.


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