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Consider a Wedding Venue in Thurmont Maryland

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an outdoor / garden wedding venue

Why consider a small town like Thurmont Maryland or its surrounding communities to host your wedding? Small quaint towns like Thurmont MD, offer amazing beauty and solitude.

1)      Avoid the hustle bustle that a big city area contends with

2)      Parking is typically a no brainer

3)      Getting a hotel at a reasonable price

4)      Cool tourist areas nearby that you might never think to see

5)      Down home cooking

6)      Friendly atmosphere

7)      The scenery is amazing

8)      Clean

9)      Low crime

10)   Overall slower pace

11)   Price


Prosperity Mansion & Farm is located 6 miles from the center of Thurmont MD, is a must see. Prosperity Mansion & Farm offers various levels of weddings to suit all budgets:

1) Full day, DREAM weddings- From 20- 200 guests and 8-10-12 hours in duration

2) Small weddings / Micro weddings- Up to 50 guests and 5 hours.

3) Courthouse weddings / Elopements/ Intimate weddings- From 2-30 guests and 1-2 hours.

4) Vow Renewals From 2-200 guest and from 1-12 hours.

Contact Us: Website:

Call: 443-350-8100

As they say in the French Quarter in New Orleans “laissez les bon temps rouler”. Translated, let the good times roll!.............At Prosperity Mansion & Farm








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