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If You Live In Pennsylvania, Why Not Get Married in Maryland? Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm

Updated: May 24, 2021

If You Live In Pennsylvania, Why Not Get Married in Maryland? Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm an outdoor / garden wedding venue located in Frederick Maryland bordering Carroll County.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the restrictions given to wedding venues are more important to consider than ever before. So, why not get married in Maryland?

At this time and for most of 2020 gatherings in Pennsylvania were at 25% capacity. If your venue allowed more, then they were in violation on the state's mandates. They not only placed themselves in danger but you and your guests as well.

Had an outbreak occurred and it was linked back to your wedding, then criminal and many legal issues could be initiated.

If you're living in Pennsylvania, Prosperity Mansion & Farm is an outdoor / garden wedding venue in Maryland that fits your needs better than you might think. Being an outdoor venue we are far safer. Time wise, we're less than 15 minutes from Gettysburg and less than 30 from Littlestown and Hanover. So you and your guests wouldn't have to travel very far to get to your big day. Additionally, we can host more guests to help you celebrate in a safe open air environment.

Maryland venues can hold events at 50% capacity, while Pennsylvania venues can only have 25% capacity. With current restrictions, we can legally have up to 200 guests be here for your big day. We are allowed to have up to 200 at the outdoor ceremony site as well as at the garden cocktail area which is also located in the formal garden next to the mansion. Inside the beautiful white tent we are at 50% capacity which means that we can have 100 guests inside the main tent. However, we may also host an additional 100 in the lawn area surrounding the tent or simply have an additional tent set up for up to an additional 100 guests.

We are also a short drive away from many different lodging options, so you and your guests can turn your wedding into a weekend getaway!

Frederick County has many outdoor wedding venues that fit your budget better as well, so traveling outside of areas like Gettysburg, Hanover and Littlestown makes better financial sense too. At Prosperity Mansion & Farm we have many options to help your wedding fit whatever budget you may have.

Maryland has venues that are secluded so your wedding isn't interrupted by the hustle and bustle of busy roads. Prosperity Mansion's property is large and located in a small community, so no distracting highway noises will be heard during your ceremony.

Some of our trusted and loved vendors also come from Pennsylvania. We've had DJs, caterers, photographers and bakers happily make the trip from Hanover, Gettysburg and Littlestown to our venue in Frederick County to help many couples have the perfect wedding.

Prosperity Mansion & Farm has all of the best aspects of Maryland weddings while being less than 30 minutes from popular cities in Pennsylvania, including Littlestown, Gettysburg, and Hanover. Getting married in Maryland is a great way for your friends and family to safely and happily help you celebrate the wedding of your dreams!

Prosperity Mansion & Farm proudly serves:

Frederick Maryland

Carroll County Maryland

Westminster Maryland

Baltimore Maryland

Montgomery County Maryland

Anne Arundel County Maryland

Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Hanover Pennsylvania

Littlestown Pennsylvania and more

Contact us at : 443-350-8100


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