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  • Debbie Donohue

How many people should you bring on your wedding venue tour? Prosperity Mansion - Located in Frederi

If you didn't know it I am about to tell you that when planning a wedding the first and most important thing to do is book a wedding venue ! You cannot effectively do anything else without having the wedding venue. You cannot get any other vendors on board until you have a firm date under contract.

Decide if you want the ceremony at the same location as the wedding reception. Some reception spaces don't allow or have room for a wedding ceremony. Do you want it indoors or out? Once you have an idea and a date start looking as soon as possible.

So you have a handful of possible places to have your wedding. Call and schedule a tour. But my most humble advise is not to bring many people at all. Ideally, the bride and groom should go alone. Maybe a parent but who is getting married after all? You see the wedding gown shows where a bride takes a whole crew to help her make a decision. Its typically a disaster. It can be that way here too. Five people will have five opinions. Listening to each opinion will start to muddy the waters.

Its your day and its your opinion tat counts. Sometimes others can forget that its really not about them. There opinion while its sometimes nice should not rule your decision. I have many couples that come here and book us. Then at another time they bring back parents just for a look around. They tell me ex actually what I am passing on to's OUR day and we want what makes US happy. At Prosperity Mansion we welcome our couples to return and bring parents or guest with them. We truly love showing the wedding venue to people. You can stay as long as you like when you return. We will be happy to answer any questions that your guests may have.

Located 1 hour from Baltimore, 1,25 hours from Washington , D.C., .5 hours from Gettysburg, 1 hour from Columbia etc.

Prosperity Mansion

11309 Rocky Ridge Rd

Detour ( Keymar) Maryland 21757



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