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Engagement Photo's at Prosperity Mansion- Frederick and Carroll counties premiere wedding / rece

Engagement Photo's at Prosperity Mansion- Frederick and Carroll counties premiere wedding / reception venue.

Should you take engagement photos?

  1. Can you afford to have them taken professionally? Some couples are on an extremely tight budget and simply cannot find the extra money to do it. In that case I recommend that you find the most beautiful public place or location that means something to you and start there. Have some of your friends show up with cell phones and cameras and shoot away. You are bound to get some pictures that you really love and can use.

  2. If you can afford professional photos do it. There are man advantages such as you get to see what types of photos your photographer can take. How creative are they ? Do you have a good rapport with them? Better find out now then on your wedding day , right?

  3. See how you think you look. Then if you want to make personal changes you have some time. Maybe you want to change your hair color or length or the dreaded weigh loss.

  4. Send an announcement and photo to your hometown newspaper. Check your paper's guidelines for specific requirements, which are often listed on the newspaper's website

  5. Save-the-date announcements. Send a great photo. Some of your guests may have never met your partner and now they can see why you are in love!

  6. Practice for the big day. Yes learn what angles work and which ones don't. That will be important information for you both to know.

  7. You will have them to remember for the rest of your lives. A picture is worth a thousand words and a memory is worth far more. Think about a time in your future when you are looking back on those photos and remembering what they day was like. Who was there, the drama that may have gone with getting the pictures done.

  8. It helps get everyone excited about your wedding day. Yes, now its really real. Everyone will see that its getting close and to make plans to be at your wedding ceremony and reception.

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