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HOW TO SELECT A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – Tips from Prosperity Mansion. An outdoor / garden wedding and

Planning that special day can be quite overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made. One of the many things that you need to decide about is who to select to be your official wedding photographer.

I would start by asking your friends and family to take as many pictures as they want during the wedding ceremony and reception. I personally feel that even though they are not professionals they can capture some great shots.

Think about what style or theme that you want to have at your wedding ceremony and reception. Google it to see who comes up. See who may specialize in what you are trying to create.

Decide the price range that you can afford.

Once you have found some possible photographers, go into their website and study the pictures of other weddings.

Print pictures / poses that you really like, to share with who ever you select. It's great to get ideas. Maybe even cut photographs from magazines and print them from websites. That way you are on the same page. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

Know your body type and what angles look best. Take some time and practice in the mirror. Have someone that you trust take pictures with a cell phone. Get to know you and see what you think of yourself.

Check reviews

See if they are available for your wedding date.

Talk with them and share your vision. Talk about you theme or style and ask them how they can help you capture that look. Absolutely make sure that you have good chemistry and connect well.

Ask the venue what photographers had shot weddings there already. Many times that can be a great help. The reason being is that they know the layout, where the sun sets and great places for really special pictures.

Ask for a copy of their contract to read well before you decide. Are there any extra charges that they haven't quoted? This can be a very big issue so really get that in writing. If you want anything special make sure that is also in the contract as well as any additional charges for special requests. How long will it take to get your picture? What happens if they are late? Are they any discounts ?

What is their cancellation policy ? How often have they canceled a wedding?

What is their refund policy?

Check out reviews

Set up interviews to meet in person. Make sure that they will actually be doing your wedding and not sending an associate. Ask them to bring two – three complete albums for you to see what yours would look like. Also request that they bring albums that are in the same theme / style as yours.

See if they are willing to do engagement photos

Are they willing to go to the wedding ceremony site and or reception site before the wedding to see what they have to work with ?

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