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ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND PARTIES Prosperity Mansion located in Frederick Co Maryland on the boar

When a couple books a wedding at Prosperity Mansion we ask them to follow us on Facebook or periodically check out our blog. We try and write articles for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions on regular basis. Our outdoor / garden wedding venue strives to keep our couples and their friends and families as informed as possible. Here are frequently asked questions about engagement announcements and parties:

We are asked questions like :

Do couples still send out engagement announcements? Many couples certainly still send out announcements. It officially starts the ball rolling on your wedding. It also claims a date far in advance for your wedding ceremony and reception. Its awful when people wait awhile and learn that one of their close friends or family members also booked that same date.

Who do I tell? Officially tell people that you are going to to invite. It could really hurt peoples feeling to announce your upcoming wedding and not invite them. So really think before you speak. Some people will assume that if you are telling them then they should expect to receive an invitation.

How do I do that? You can announce in your local newspaper. You or a friend can have a party but only invite the people that will also be invited to the wedding. You may also send out formal invitations. And of course there is always email.

Create a wedding website- Yes its great fun to actually create a wedding website. Your friends and guest can go on and see whats happening. You may post questions and ask for advice. You may also post important dates, photographs and more.

If I have a party when do I have it? ASAP, get the word out there. It's never to soon.

Are gifts acceptable? If you announce it as an engagement party there may be some people that do bring a gift. But don't expect it. This isn't a way to get more “stuff”.

Who throws the party? A parent or close friend typically throws the party. But you can too. There really isn't a hard and fast rule regarding who throws the party. You can also have fun games at the engagement party such as : advise for wedding planning etc. Have pen and paper and have questions for guests to fill out.

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