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WATCH OUT FOR THIVES AT YOUR WEDDING VENUE- A tip from Prosperity Mansion. A wedding venue serving F


We just had the most wonderful wedding here last Saturday. What an outstanding group of people. The bride and groom, wedding party , parents, and guests were great. They were grateful and appreciative of everything that we did and thoroughly loved our outdoor wedding venue. All of us couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding. I could sit here all day and gush over these amazing people.

Sadly, I got a call from the mother of the bride on Monday, saying that at least 12 of the cards with money inside were missing. We know that there were people that were invited who brought a guest that they did not know at all. This is certainly common at all weddings. There was also wait staff from the caterer that was unknown to any of us. We will not likely know who did this. The family will sower photographs to see if anyone was actually caught in the act.

I am writing this article and posting it on my website because I find it beyond reprehensible that anyone would be low enough to do this. We will be buying some type of secure box that we will have on hand for couples to use if they want. But we have seen most of them just have an open basket for cards. How awful that at a wedding anyone needs to think like this. We are out in the country and never thought that this would happen here. But as I have posted this on a wedding forum that I belong to it's not unusual.

This couple and the family is so kind that the attitude they are taking is that maybe the person really needed the money far more than they did.

So for all wedding couples and or people that are having any event where gifts are involved have a game plan to protect your property. We suggest getting a box with a lock to place cards into. Go into the box often and take out the cards. That way if the box its self suddenly disappears it will either be empty or close to it. And even with gifts maybe have a trusted friend take them to a car through the event. I suppose its better safe then sorry.

Here are some comments from a few other wedding venues that have experienced the same thing:

Caroline Goldsmith Tucker

Caroline and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Wedding Venues Forum for Venue Owners.

The thief that hit our venue pretended to be talking on her phone as she scoped out the gift table. she grabbed the cards and slid them in her purse. There were lots of people around but no one was paying attention to her because it appeared she was talking on the phone. She has been arrested at least twice for stealing from weddings.

Vickie Parker I always have them remove the box to a locked car as soon as all guests have arrived. Never leave it on the gift table. There are groups of thieves that go around to wedding receptions on Saturdays just to steal the cards with money in them. Learned that the hard way about 20 years ago.

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