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Choosing an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Venue? Keep This In Mind When Planning Your Wedding

Four little girls sit next to each other. They're all dressed like brides and one is holding a bouquet of flowers.
Many brides begin planning their wedding in their heads as a little girl!

Advice from Prosperity Mansion & Farm, an outdoor, garden, Maryland wedding venue located in Frederick County Maryland and near Westminster.

When it comes to planning a wedding, the first thing many couples consider is the venue. Your venue is typically the first thing that you secure. So it is something you should consider early on in your planning process. The biggest question couples have when it comes to narrowing down the venue is if they want to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. If this is something you’re considering, our Maryland wedding venue wants to pass along a few points you should keep in mind.

When I got married I had a church ceremony and indoor, all inclusive, ballroom reception. It was convenient to have someone do everything for me. The venue organized the decorations and set up, so everything was ready when I arrived for the reception. Yes, there was work that I had to do prior to my wedding day such as all of the selections, food tasting, table lay out and more.

Fast forward, now I own a wedding venue. As I look back and ponder my own experience I wish I had been offered an outdoor wedding venue and one that was not all inclusive! Here are some regrets about having an indoor all inclusive wedding:

  1. It was incredibly expensive. I never wanted to spend the incredible amount of money for a short reception. I wanted to take most of the funds and have a super honeymoon. Obviously, you will need to decide what's most important to you. You will also need to consider how much debt you want to go into for a wedding. Typically, outdoor wedding venues allow you to select your own caterer or in our case you may even bring your own food.

  2. All of my pictures looked exactly the same. Yep, as I occasionally thumb through my wedding album all of the photos are the same but with different people. We are all in the hallway in front of a fountain. Back then most weddings were inside a ball room or hall. So when I started Prosperity Mansion & Farm I kept the issue of having amazing photos in mind. Photographers absolutely love it here because of all of the opportunities for beautiful pictures. Prosperity Mansion & Farm is often referred to as being magical due to how we have made the wedding venue.

  3. The indoor venue / ballroom that I rented had four events per day. They had two ballrooms in the large building. Having such a short period of time made my reception feel rushed. Even though the reception was 4 ½ hours long, I felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. Compare having a 4-5 hour reception with us being 10-12 hour and one wedding per day.

  4. Because it was so short, I didn’t get the chance to enjoy it. A wedding has so may traditional things that by the time we got through it all the reception was over. It truly was a expensive blur.

Some of these things are aspects couples don’t consider when it comes to planning their weddings. If these surprised you, we invite you to keep reading for more things to consider as you determine whether to have an indoor or outdoor venue.

Ballrooms have a large sense of formality to them. But if you’re not looking to hold a black-tie affair for your wedding, you and your guests may feel out of place in formal ballroom wedding venues. Then there are cheaper indoor venues, like the VFW or your local fire hall. If that is what your budget allows then so be it but you get what you pay for.

Outdoor venues like Prosperity Mansion & Farm are as beautiful as the more elaborate indoor wedding venues and at a fraction of the price. Additionally, you can have the wedding ceremony here as well and take out additional driving.

You and your guests will enjoy a gorgeous, more laid-back and relaxed ceremony and reception. Couples and guests have raved about how wonderful it is to be surrounded by gardens and trees for the wedding. Birds chirping and being framed by the outdoors are a wonderful accompaniment to your ceremony and reception.

Outdoor venues are more likely to take a DIY approach, which can help you save money. If you have friends, family, and members of your wedding party that are able and willing to help you set up and decorate for the big day, you have more control over how you want your wedding to look and don’t have to pay any expensive set-up costs.

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is located on 19+ acres. You can spread out your event throughout the venue such as:

  1. The East Meadow- This is where the ceremony will be held. Envision yourself walking down the brick pathway through the enchanting tree line to the 250year old doors from Egypt. You are announced "Please stand in honor of the bride". The steeple bell rings, your bridal song begins as the antique doors open for your unforgettable entrance. There are many whimsical items that embellish this area. Truly a must see.

  2. Next your guests will enter the Formal Gardens for cocktail time. The food will be displayed on authentic Jack Daniels Whiskey barrels across from the rustic bar. There will be yard games, cocktail tables, a fire pit and the famous, rare & lucky “Wedding Tree” and more.

  3. You and your guests will gather in the Main Meadow for dinner, dancing, yard games, indoor and outdoor seating, fabulous views, s'mores at the wood burning fire-pit or partying, dance or simply enjoying the views on the new brick patio with street lights, benches and flowers galore!

  4. Finally, at dark, with the flip of a switch we will light up the tree line with over 20,000 lights giving everyone that aha moment! This will be a wedding to remember!

Having various outdoor spaces can allow for some fun during your cocktail hour and reception. At our outdoor wedding venue in Maryland, we have spaces for corn hole, lawn chess, Jenga, and a fire pit for you and your guests to enjoy.

Outdoor venues also make for beautiful wedding photos! With indoor venues, photographers aren’t freely able to move around because they’re restricted by the walls and other space limitations. There isn’t anything to block your photographer outside, so you can be assured that they can get the best angle possible for your wedding. Natural lighting from the sun also helps make your photos look incredible, which isn’t something you wouldn't be able to get in an indoor venue.

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding, but your venue isn’t something you should consider lightly. After all, your venue can help you decide what additional vendors you hire and how you can decorate for your big day. We at Prosperity Mansion & Farm hope that you can take our advice and celebrate your love here!

Mission Statement:

Prosperity Mansion & Farm is committed to providing a beautiful wedding venue that is affordable to all couples. Our budget friendly venue allows you to celebrate your big day and then move on to the next phase of your relationship without financial burdens.

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