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“The Best Days and Times of the Year to Get Married”-Prosperity Mansion & Farm-serving Frederick, MD

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

“The Best Days and Times of the Year to Get Married”- Prosperity Mansion & Farm- located in Frederick County Maryland and bordering Carroll County: Advice from a Historical, outdoor / garden wedding venue in Maryland-

You’re getting married, congratulations! But when? Choosing not only a day BUT more importantly the time of the year might be very difficult. Don’t worry, because Prosperity Mansion & Farm, the historical, outdoor/ garden wedding venue of Maryland, has plenty of ideas to help you make that decision.

We suggest that you choose a date approximately a year or more after your engagement. It takes a while to plan for a wedding! Some wedding venues are already booked a year in advance, so you will want to be on top of that. If you find your dream venue then checking the dates that they have available can certainly help narrow down your decision on which day and time of the year to get married.

Although, if you want to get married quickly, and would prefer to get married as fast as possible, for example, in six months after your engagement, that’s perfectly okay too! We do want you to be aware of the fact that it will certainly cause a lot of stress and pressure due to the fact that there are a lot of things that will need to be done very quickly. However, some people do excel when under pressure.

When you’re thinking of choosing the day itself, think of a day that’s very special to you and your future spouse. Was there a day at the beach where you kissed underneath the sunset for the very first time? When was the first time that you said that you loved each other and meant it with your entire heart? Perhaps the anniversary of your first date? If none of that is for you, we will continue providing you with our helpful tips.

Statistically speaking, the most popular months to get married are as follows: October, September, May, and then June.

However, what month you select really depends on the “kind” of wedding that you want. Spring, for example, really isn’t typically hot and the grass is green. Trees have a lovely full foliage of leaves, daffodils and tulips are in full bloom as well as roses and more! This is most likely due to the nice, mild weather. The weather will be absolutely gorgeous to have as natural outdoor decorations! One of the best parts about the natural decorations is that you will save a lot of money! In addition, the season of the wedding shapes the ambience of the wedding ceremony and celebration. It also stays light longer so being outdoors playing games and taking photos are optimal

Although it isn’t the prime time in the wedding season, in July and August, Prosperity Mansion & Farm offers an amazing deal on July and August weddings! Since we know that it can be hot outside, we offer a 10% discount for July and August weddings. This is a huge deal.

Fall weddings have certainly become the most popular of all seasons. Wedding couples choose outdoor / garden wedding venues in Maryland all of the time for the cooler weather. The leaves are changing and gently falling. It gets dark earlier so if you love lights, you will be able to enjoy the sparkling gardens as well as the stars and moon.

There are also “lucky days” of the week and year to get married according to different cultures and religions.

Tuesdays- According to the Jewish faith, Tuesdays are a very auspicious day for a wedding. In some Jewish teachings, Tuesday is especially lucky because the book of Genesis mentions that “and God saw that it was good” when mentioning Tuesday.

Wednesdays- Are you of Irish descent? Irish tradition dictates that Wednesdays are the best day to have your wedding because according to the Irish due to a poem, “Wednesday is the best day of all.”

Koyomi- Japanese families look at the Koyomi, an ancient astrological calendar, for their most auspicious date. This can therefore make your wedding fall on a random date, such as a weekday, but there are always ups to getting married on weekdays.

Dates With Number Eights (and Nines)- In Chinese culture, dates with the number eight or nine is considered lucky. Since ‘eight’ is close to the word for “wealth” and the word ‘nine’ rhymes with “long- lasting”, it is no wonder that these dates appeal to engaged couples.

June- Are you into Roman mythology? The Roman goddess of marriage, Juno, had the month of June named for her. It’s very lucky to get married in the goddess of marriage’s month. She would definitely be pleased about it!

Full moons- Weddings on the day of a full moon are thought to be happy, prosperous, and stable. What more could you ask for?

The Thirteenth- The number thirteen is considered to be very lucky in some cultures, such as Italy and Cantonese- speaking regions of China.

Good days of the week to get married are-

Saturdays- Saturdays are definitely the most popular day for weddings, mainly due to convenience. Saturday gives people time to get to the wedding and gather together for a longer time. It also allows them to not need to take a lot of days off, and that’s if they need to take any at all, seeing as Saturday is on the weekend. Saturdays are this outdoor/ garden wedding venue’s most commonly booked days!

Thursdays- Since Thursday is a weekday, it will be cheaper to book a venue. However, there are a lot of venues that are only available on Friday and weekends, so this might not work out if the venue that you desperately want does not offer weekday weddings.

In the end, the date of your wedding is truly up to you. When do you want your wedding to be? Look into your heart, and it will help guide you. Here at Prosperity Mansion & Farm, we want you to have the best wedding possible, and we’d love to help you find your wedding date to make your dream wedding come to fruition! Regardless of the day or season, follow your heart to Prosperity Mansion & Farm where dreams do come true!

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