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What are the biggest causes for a wedding day turning sour

Advise from Prosperity Mansion & Farm- A Frederick Maryland Wedding Venue

1) Inviting guests and or family members that you know will drink way too much and cause trouble. Sadly, I have seen this happen more than I would like to say. So, you wonder how you can exclude them without making people mad. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling on your wedding day. But turn that around. Why would anyone insist that you invite a troublemaker and ruin your big day? You can start by being honest. Tell them that is a day that you have dreamed of all your life, and you do not want any drama or issues. If that won’t work, you may blame it on the wedding venue. We all have a limit of guests that you may invite to our outdoor venue. Use your budget as an excuse. Especially now with things being so expensive that is quite reasonable. The only tears that you should shed on your wedding day are those of joy and happiness.

2) Expecting perfection- After hosting weddings here, I have realized that there is never a day that is “perfect”. There are too many moving parts and many people that you have hired and don’t know. Do the best that you can do up until the wedding day. Then smile and roll with whatever happens. Typically, we are only taking about minor things that no one will even know about except you. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Once the day is here, simply enjoy it and have an amazing wedding.

3) Not being organized- If you are a procrastinator or not very organized, we suggest selecting a Wedding Planner or at least a Day of Coordinator. There are so many small moving parts to a wedding that if you let it go it might come back to bite you. Be careful and let your wedding venue recommend the Day of Coordinator. Anyone can say they are a Coordinator because there are no requirements, tests or licensing. Allow the wedding venue to steer you into the right direction with people that they have worked with and know they can be trusted. Start organizing your wedding NOW. Don’t pick a Maid of Honor that is not organized either because then you have the blind leading the blind.

A) Picking the wedding venue is the first step in planning. You can’t do anything else until you have a wedding venue and a date. After you have selected, hopefully, Prosperity Mansion & Farm, everything else will begin to fall into place. Frederick Maryland is an ideal place to get married.

4) Selecting Bridesmaids and Groomsmen that are on time and are helpful. There is that old saying” it takes a village to raise a child” well apply that to planning a wedding. The more qualified people that you have the better. Divvy up jobs and have deadlines. Make the helpers report back to you on at the required times with what they have accomplished. That way you know they haven’t dropped the ball.

5) Children will cause a bit of a ruckus. If young kids will be in attendance at your wedding, you’re going to hear some whining, crying, throughout your event. They may even cause somewhat of a scene if they’re tired or antsy. Sadly, many parents fail to watch their kids at a wedding and things get broken or worse. Find out if you should have a child-friendly or child-free wedding. You can simply blame not inviting kids on the head count and or budget. To hear a child screaming and crying during your vows can be dispiriting and not what you dreamed of.



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