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How Do I Pick a Photographer for my Outdoor Wedding Reception?

Photographers- How do I pick one for my outdoor wedding reception? Prosperity Mansion located in Frederick / Westminster / Carroll Co Maryland.

That's something that I believe that you need to do some research before you decide. Now you may be lucky and recently went to a wedding where you loved the photographer and his / her staff. You also saw the photos and knew that if you ever good married you wanted them for your outdoor ceremony and wedding reception. Or maybe someone that you trust can refer you. But no matter what take time to research their portfolio !!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen photos that photographer took here that I was so happy with. They really took wonderful advantage of all of the garden areas and the outdoor reception space. They also took into account the sun and shade to make sire that there were truly amazing photos for the bridal couple and their guests to enjoy for ever.

The wedding reception will be over but the photos are forever. So you really need to go into their website to see how creative they are. The last thing that you want is to see the pictures and wonder why they missed so many great opportunities.

Of course price is an issue too. I do get that. I also know that photographers vary greatly in what they charge and what you get for the money. So decide on a budget and start with who falls within your budget. Ask a lot of questions and get it in writing. How many pictures will they take that day? Know what their turn around time is before you see your proofs. When will you get the final product. How much will they charge your family and guests for copies ? What time will they show up and when will they leave? But I want to reinforce that the proof is in the pudding so you really need to see their work.

Something that was of paramount importance to me was creating numerous photo opportunities for my bridal couples and the photographers. I feel that I have been successful in doing that. The videographerthat we had said that we were one of his favorite wedding venues because we had so much and it was close together. He mentioned that other weddings he did that the bridal party actually had to get into their cars and drive miles for outdoor shots. However, we have it all here !! Remember you get what you pay for so if you are looking for a budget photographer you probable won't get the most amazing photos BUT I certainly can be wrong and I hope I am.

Now if you really are on a budget there are many things that you can do. I had bridal couples ask their friends and family if bring cameras and take pictures throughput the day. Some put disposable cameras on the tables and a basket to drop them in when they were done taking photos of the wedding ceremony and reception. The bridal couple said that they used the disposable cameras instead of cell phones so that they didn't have to worry about the guests forgetting to download the pictures from their phones. Call or email us for the photographers on our approved list.

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